Google wireless phone service challenges major carriers

SAN FRANCISCO - Google is offering a wireless phone service designed...month of service without refunding any money.Google's service initially will be available only on the Nexus 6, a Motorola phone made with Google's help.

Income inequality flap is much understated through deceptive data

...households to taste some elite success ? to spend time in the upper brackets, the 1-to-20 percent. But in a blog available on Google, Rank makes the interesting observation that "a majority of people will experience poverty," and, "How you want to interpret...

EBay thinking smaller as it prepares for split from PayPal

...e-commerce company is seeking to reinvigorate its marketplace business. It stumbled last year when it had to deal with a change in Google's algorithms that made eBay products come up in search results less often. It was also hit by a data breach.For the quarter...

Google hires woman as new CFO, luring Morgan Stanley exec from Wall St. to Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO - Google has lured away Morgan Stanley's chief...void that opened earlier this month after Google's CFO of the past seven years, Patrick...plans to retire.Porat, 58, will become Google's highest-ranking female executive...

Google's safe browsing system targets 'unwanted software'

...to see more red warning signs online as Google adds ammunition to its technological artillery...with "unwanted software" - a term that Google uses to describe secretly installed programs...sites that they didn't intend to visit.Google had already deployed the warning system...

Google unveils cheapest Chromebooks yet as Microsoft slashes price on Surface Pro 3 tablet

SAN FRANCISCO - Google is releasing its cheapest Chromebook laptops...PC manufacturers have been working with Google to design lightweight laptops running on...Chromebook has served a dual purpose for Google. Like the company's Android software...

3 carriers to build Google's mobile wallet into new phones

...undercut Ap ple's latest hit service, Google is teaming up with three major U.S...example of how the competition between Google and Apple is extending beyond the technology...to increase their power and profits.Google's latest volley calls for its payment...

Google, Mattel bring View-Master into 21st century

NEW YORK - Mattel and Google are trying to bring the 75-year-old...be priced at about $30.Mattel and Google unveiled the viewer Friday at Mattel's...Mattel demonstrated the technology using Google Cardboard, an attachment that turns...

Fashion aims to share the spotlight with music at Coachella

...Coachella look? Think hippie meets hipster: lots of fringe and crochet, with a requisite floral headband or floppy sun hat. Just google "Vanessa Hudgens Coachella."And it goes way beyond the festival, which started humbly in the grunge days of 1999. Because...

20 season conjures thoughts of previous ones

...play several years in the major leagues.Guess what? Fifteen seasons later and almost 40 years old, Ford's still playing. Google says he set records last season in the Atlantic League.I remember 20 years ago that the public officials argued (some things...