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HTC will aggressively market improved One smartphone

NEW YORK - HTC is updating its flagship HTC One smartphone by giving it a larger screen, better software and more camera features.The original HTC One received good reviews and was named the best smartphone of 2013 at the wireless...
Launch of iPhone 4S becomes tribute to Steve Jobs

...The new phone, which went on sale Friday in seven countries, is faster than the previous model and comes with better software and an improved camera. Yet the unveiling comes at a time when Apple is finding it difficult to maintain the excitement...
Golf club owners' skills are above par Seeing what was available in computer programs to run golf courses during the 1996 PGA Show convinced him that better software could be created. That software was created at Jones Creek at a time when computers were going through a revolution...
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Rise in business spending will boost industrials, transport and tech, too hire a big sales force, especially after they just got done laying so many people off," Kleintop said. "If better software can improve their efficiency at a lower cost, they're willing to spend money on that." Kleintop is also watching...
Microsoft's new version of software aimed at living room

...Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said in an e-mail interview. Analysts said the new Media Center version offers better software stability for fewer crashes than the previous version, but that the PC still has a way to go before becoming a living...
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Microsoft bets big on new searching technology

...important and they want to grind away at trying to solve the problem, they have a good track record of putting together good software to do that sort of thing." Microsoft has its eyes set beyond mapping the World Wide Web. It is developing search-related...
Microsoft's Gates pledges better software security

WASHINGTON -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is pledging to continue improvements to security in his company's products, part of a high-stakes campaign to convince large customers that Windows software is safe.\r\n
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Settlement could lead to better software

WASHINGTON -- The antitrust settlement negotiated between Microsoft Corp. and the government could bring consumers new technology from rival companies that works better than ever with Microsoft's Windows system. It also could give computer makers new flexibility in how they design their products.
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Colleges limit students' access to Napster

...Napster traffic when the site began to clog the network. But it isn't working well, so Morling is shopping for better software. Morling said he's talked with officials from other schools who share the problems dealing with programs like Napster...
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To iMac or not? It's features answer the question

...Mac will be useful long after a PC of similar vintage has been relegated to the Dumpster. 2. There's more (and better) software for PCs. Except for games, software for computers isn't like tapes of movies for your VCR, which is to say...
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