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It's not a competition

...The business might be great, but the flexibility of my life is really more important to me. I could be a reasonably good hunter, though my eyes will never allow me to be a marksman. I could have an amazing collection of arrowheads and tomahawks...
Wildlife abundant in NYC

...City. In a way, I didn't want to go at first. It's the middle of autumn and the peak of deer season - when every good hunter should be out in the woods. Instead, I found myself zig-zagging around the Big Apple, taking in the sights and...
Laney coach Hunter has stepped down as basketball coach

...he's leaving, Hunter is confident the program is in a good place, with thanks to the coaching staff."It's been good," Hunter said. "I've had an opportunity to help develop some kids' work ethics. I know with the community it's all...
Local politicos' blood boils just in time for Halloween

...together, there's always a fifth."Among Dye's hobbies is an indoors sport, Bellman said."He's a good, good hunter," he said. "He hunts Wild Turkey. He can look past a bartender, and there it is sitting up there."Toward the...
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Birth of a rifle

JACKSON, S.C. - The way Kenny Jarrett sees it, the secret to being a good hunter is to respect your quarry. And the best way to show that respect? Shoot an accurate rifle. The quest for the perfect weapon...