Williams' comeback falls short

...She seemed bothered by the injury on only a few points the rest of the way. "I was just thinking that she's a very good actress," Dementieva said. "She was moving much better after the break." When told of Dementieva's comment, Williams...

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'Spider-Man' is a high-flying experience

...plays the innocent ingenue to perfection - another seasoned actress playing her part so precisely, you know she's a good actress. Based on the comic book creation by Mr. Lee and Steve Ditko, the story-line comes down to detail, especially...

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Who will take home the Emmys?

...The Shield." Great actress and, the trump card, a movie star. Shouldn't win: Patricia Arquette, "Medium." Good actress, standard drama, not a ghost of a chance. Will win: Glenn Close, "The Shield." Deny a five-time Academy Award...

Sundance founder Redford goes indie himself with 'The Clearing'

...and her flop with last year's "Gigli," can she ever be taken seriously as an actress? Redford: She's a very good actress, let me tell you something. What, are they going to blame her for that film? I didn't pay any attention to that...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Local fans not seeing 'Austin'

...28. Take a look at her new show, Reba, on WB (9 tonight) if you haven't checked it out. She is funny and is a good actress, unlike a lot of other country stars who have tried for cinematic and celluloid fame. DELTA HALL OF FAME: The new...