Rants & Raves

...He'll have fewer votes now. MICHELLE MALKIN does it again. God bless her. RAVE TO THE FELLOWS at Big Dog Tree working on Heather...house after he had a seizure. They were super kind and helpful. God bless them. AMERICAN INDUSTRY added 248,000 jobs last month...

Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...evening. "He fired that shotgun at Bonnie's head. Two of the pellets tore his ear," Mrs. Phillips said. "I really hope God forgave him. I really hope that some day I can. But he was faking" Mrs. Phillips said of the inmate's last statement...

Rants & Raves

...to a dangerous height allowing deer to stand hidden along road at night.THIS IS A RANT FOR all these people that claim to be God-fearing Christians yet vote for Democrats and are liberal Democrats, themselves. Democrats are for abortion, for gay rights...

Old vs. new: What actions will be required of Augusta's next mayor?

...there is division. Within the school system there is division. I don't want to question the power of a man of God, but short of God's intervention, "one Augusta" will not happen.Instead of trying to make Augusta one, it would be better...

Dora Prince

Dora Prince April 12, 1944~ Oct. 17, 2004 It was His Will that she should die, His Will that we should let her go; And we must ever bow to it, But oh dear God we miss her so! ~ Your Loving Family

Don't put faith in earthly rulers

...hanging onto. But don't ask government to do two things: first, the things we should be doing for ourselves; and second, the things that only God can do.The Rev. Ed Rees is the pastor of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Augusta.

Real friendship is important

In his book, God In My Everything, the Rev. Ken Shigematsu...model for Christian friendships is given by God himself. In the Gospel of John, Jesus calls...John 15:12-15) The friendship of God is characterized by His devotion to our short...

Faith calendar

...Sunday, Oct. 19RUNS MISSIONARY BAPTIST: God's Children Choir anniversary 3 p.m. Sunday...306-7567, (706) 373-0576GIBSON CHURCH OF GOD: Homecoming 10 a.m. Sunday, Oct...m. Sunday, Nov. 30THOMSON CHURCH OF GOD: The Kelley Family Band playing gospel bluegrass...

Paine College seeks its first victory on homecoming

...of a homecoming crowd, Ruffin said it'd be appropriate if the 0-6 Lions finally get their first win."That may be what God wanted," Ruffin said. "Everything is in His plan. They say we live in a microwave generation and want that instant gratification...

Faces of Survival: Sarah Quick

...each day and not worrying too much about tomorrow.Quick leaned on the support of her family and friends, and on her faith in God. She joined a support group through the Breast Health Center at University Hospital and found other breast cancer patients with...