Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...evening. "He fired that shotgun at Bonnie's head. Two of the pellets tore his ear," Mrs. Phillips said. "I really hope God forgave him. I really hope that some day I can. But he was faking" Mrs. Phillips said of the inmate's last statement...

In Memory of Emma Bush I cried when you passed away I still cr...

In Memory of Emma Bush I cried when you passed away I still cry today, Although I loved you dearly, I couldn t make you stay. Your golden heart stopped beating. We laid you down to rest. God broke my heart to prove, that He only takes the best. Love, Your Baby Girl, Gena.

Christ Church, Presbyterian 4201 Southern Pines Dr, Evans, GA. 706...

...Youth Wednesday: 6:30 pm Radio 580AM /95.1FM on Sunday 8 am Visit the church website to learn more about Children's Ministry & Bible Studies. Glorifying the Triune God by l Gathering in Worship l Growing in Community l Going in Witness

Wholly lacking leadership

...defenses.How much longer can this go on? Until after our own Paris? Or would even that shock him awake?Barack Obama is rudderless and clueless, and America is leaderless.Thank God for the real leaders in the free world.

Our nation must turn back to God

...and every one of us where we say, "That's it, enough is enough." What about with God? Do you think that God ever has "enough"? Do you think that God has a limit? The answer to that question is yes. You don't have to look any further...

At the Movies: 'Gods and Generals'

Turgid, textureless and endless, "Gods and Generals" will alienate all but the...audiences. When we're told at the end that "Gods and Generals" is not just a prequel to...draws Lee and Jackson into war, and "Gods and Generals" follows them through the...

Primitive Radio Gods' latest is a soothing choice

Primitive Radio Gods have a sound of their own. The mellow, soft rock may not appeal to everyone...to most songs on this new CD. If you've never heard Primitive Radio Gods, and you want to hear something with a new, melodic sound, I'd suggest...

Xtreme | Evans High School
Athens mascots pay tribute to Greek gods

...Greece -- Two ancient terra cotta dolls representing the Greek gods Apollo and Athena are the mascots for the 2004 Athens Olympics...is named Phevos, another name for Apollo, who represents the god of light and music. The female mascot, Athena, is named after...

Other sports
Local instructor teaches Christ-centered yoga

...She instructed them to turn their focus on God and his Word, reminding them that it is just them and God on their mats.Then Martin led them through...no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God."This is Holy Yoga, and Martin is the only...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia author Kay, more to speak at literary festival

...on his every typed word.All he wanted was a decent-paying job to provide for himself and his growing family.And yet the Gods of Literature and Good Fortune smiled upon him, gave him the opportunities to reach readers worldwide through multiple books...