Son's text of ultrasound brought good news for the Moores

After 36 years, Tommy lets us know that he and Thelma have their own child on the way.

What Is It?

Did you recognize last week's 1969 AMC AMX (the year was optional), and do you know the year and make of this week's vehicle?

What Is It?

...popular and probably kept the Isetta in limited production."Mike Watson said: "This is a 1957 (plus or minus a couple of years) Isetta. Driven one."Bill Hammontree identified the Isetta.? Glynn Moore, staff writer

Moore: End of chemotherapy for leukemia rang my bell

When I wrapped up my six months of chemotherapy, I rang the bell at the end of the clinic to let everyone know how much we all had accomplished.

What Is It?

Did you recognize last week's 1939 Plymouth, and do you know the make and model of this week's car? We don't know the year, but you might.

Add a 'Wonderful Life' to new home when friends move

Steal a scene from "It's a Wonderful Life" and christen friends' new home with bread, salt and wine.

I am bad guy for not burning down neighborhood at a Thanksgiving bonfire

Thanksgiving was saved at our house because we didn't light the usual bonfire on a cold, windy night. Now, it's on to Christmas.

What is it?

...this 2011 car? Call (706) 823-3419 or e-mail glynn.moore@augustachronicle.com.We need your name, telephone...randomly, and the results will be printed Friday.-- Glynn Moore, staff writer Last week's photo showed the brand-new...

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What Is It?

Did you recognize the 1959 Ford in last week's quiz, and do you know the make and year of this week's old car? There's a hint to help you.

What Is It?

Did you recognize the 1957 Cadillac last week, and do you know the year, make and model of this week's What Is It? vehicle?