Ex-Glock executive says Cobb County prosecutors relied to heavily on company's investigation

ATLANTA - Glock Inc.'s former executive was convicted...abdicated their duty by relying too heavily on Glock's internal investigation."The prosecution essentially outsourced the case to Glock, assisting Glock in pursuing its own interests...

Prosecutor says former Glock attorney ran company in the U.S. and used role to steal from it

...a former attorney for gun manufacturer Glock Inc. was essentially running the company's...ters said Paul Jannuzzo and another ex-Glock executive used complicated schemes to steal...account, forged company founder Gaston Glock's signature, fabricated loan documents...

Teen released on bond in school gun case

...window of a moving vehicle, Assistant District Attorney Falin Syms said at Monday's hearing. Another shows someone handling a Glock handgun in the back seat of a vehicle. More videos show Hawkins and others in the car line at Lakeside High School and walking...

No decision on bond for Aiken teen charged in Lakeside school threat

...Attorney Falin Syms. Another shows Hawkins smoking a substance believed to be marijuana.A third video shows someone handling a Glock handgun in the back seat of a vehicle.More videos show Hawkins and others in the car line at Lakeside High School and walking...

Man accused in Charleston church shooting indicted on dozens of federal charges, including hate crimes

...they welcomed Roof into their Bible study group, she said."The parishioners had Bibles. Dylann Roof had his .45-caliber Glock pistol, and eight magazines loaded with hollow point bullets."Several of the counts ? including weapons violations and...

Across the region

Ex-Glock executive gets seven yearsMARIETTA, GA. - A former executive for Glock Inc. convicted of stealing a pistol and millions...stealing a custom pistol that company founder Gaston Glock had loaned to him and pilfering millions of dollars...

Fake `gansta' site raises hi-tech high anxiety

...disturbing page from a Detroit crew called Glock 3. Brash, crass and full of sexually...sites. Borden bought it lock, stock and Glock. "I talked to people in law enforcement...higher anxiety. The only glitch in the Glock story was that the whole thing was a hoax...

XXX Technology
Servia gets first win with some official help

...when series officials ordered rookie Timo Glock to let him pass on the final lap of the Montreal Molson Indy race. Glock, whose best previous finish in nine races...for the injured Bruno Junqueira, beat Glock to the finish line by exactly 1 second...

Officers at risk for suicide

...After days of practice shooting his 9mm Glock pistol, Richmond County sheriff's Deputy...firearms training because they had to pass a Glock training course before enrolling in the...the Glocks. The deadly capabilities of a Glock gun became obvious the next day as students...

More laws won't help

...actively engaged" in unlawful drug use and disqualified the purchase.But as it happened, Roof walked out with a .45-caliber Glock pistol that police say he used to kill nine churchgoers two months later.Of course, the futility of gun control laws...