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...still would love to have an XKE, but the collectors prices are so high now that I don't think I ever will."TIGNALL, GA.: Gene Wilson said it was the 1946 Lincoln.NO CITY LISTED: Glenn Link identified the 1947 Lincoln Continental.
Aim for accuracy on cycling accidents

I encourage journalists and news personnel to use the correct language for dangerous, criminal and incredibly stupid behavior.
TV's lottery ads are misleading

...Gloryland! It is so wrong for the state to encourage people to think of winning the lottery as a life possibility, which is what the ad writers are leaning toward, like it's some kind of wise investment or something. Glenn Link , Evans
Traces origin of Fortier's letter Unless Roger P. Fortier originally wrote the piece, gave it to Charles Shaw and then got Andy Rooney to do it on his show, he needs to apologize to the public for laziness and publication of the work of others. Glenn Link, Evans
Opinion columns
Praises Reno `putting Elian first'

...experienced, law-enforcement personnel to do. Janet Reno has a difficult assignment and is doing an excellent job. There is no way everyone was going to like her decision; she put the boy's welfare first, as it ought to be. Glenn Link, Evans
Blasts renaming roads for politicians

...building to a college or endow a scholarship. Don't do it on the cheap by renaming something that already exists. If this practice continues we could well see "Larry Sconyers River" or possibly the state of "Miller." Glenn Link, Evans
Mr. Glenn Link Jr.

Mr. Glenn R. Link Jr., 90, of Evans, died Tuesday, March 16, 1999, at Columbia Augusta Medical Center. A memorial service will be at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at First United Methodist Church, Cherryville, N.C., with the Rev. Kelly Jones officiating.