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Judge rejects pension claims

...attract new financing and exit bankruptcy. The company's restructuring is now in its 22nd month. Goldman Sachs analyst Glenn Engel wrote in a note to investors Friday that United's $12 million loss in August, a heavy travel month, was worse than...
Analysts wonder Airline stocks are flying too high

...rationale behind much of this buying has been that share prices are at historical lows. Goldman Sachs airline analyst Glenn Engel's explanation for a "buy" rating on AMR's stock is a case in point. "Despite quadrupling in price," Engel...
Airline ticket taxes: Fares probably going higher

...those fares back," said Parsons. "They're going to take the 10 percent and blame it on the government." But Glenn Engel, airline analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York, said it's not that simple. Airlines have used the savings from the...
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