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Up 2 Speed, created out from the former WB and UPN, had already ended the long-running family dramas 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls. science ANTARCTICA IS MELTING: NASA researchers have deduced that during the year of 2005, an amount of ice that...
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...classes of freshmen will likely see a smaller increase, system officials said. entertainment GILMORE GIRLS GO: The popular television series Gilmore Girls will air its final episode Tuesday, May 15, at 8 p.m. The show, which last year moved...
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...Lowcountry. According to the Internet Movie Database (, writer and executive producer Rina Mimoun of Gilmore Girls and Everwood fame is producing and writing the series.
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...application. When she's not keeping an eye or ear on the world stage, Maple debates for Lakeside High, works and watches Gilmore Girls and The OC obsessively. Cori Eicher, 16, a junior at Aquinas High School. Having fun is what life should be all...
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Broadcast networks face challenges in outlining fall schedules

...take the best of UPN and the WB and together you can create a strong network. "America's Next Top Model" and "Gilmore Girls" should be able to coexist. The CW needs to establish its own personality if it wants to become a fifth major network...
'Gilmore Girls' creator bids farewell

LOS ANGELES - "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino...Hollow, the fictional town where "Gilmore Girls" is set, after hearing that the...enthusiastic response, he said. "Gilmore Girls" is about the close relationship...
The WB's 'Seventh Heaven' still up in air

...that still pulls the numbers. Its average of 5.2 million viewers a week this season is tops for the WB, with "Gilmore Girls" next at 4.6 million. You would think the new CW would want to begin operations airing a show that comes with such...
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...NewsRadio) is 46. Actor Rob Lowe is 42. Singer Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) is 39. Actor Yanic Truesdale (Gilmore Girls) is 37. Drummer Caroline Corr of The Corrs is 33. Actress Marisa Coughlan (Freddy Got Fingered, Teaching Mrs...
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People in the News the films "Supercross" and "Learning Curves." Murray has had recurring roles in "Dawson's Creek" and "Gilmore Girls" and starred opposite Hilary Duff in "A Cinderella Story."
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...Tommy Tune is 67. Singer Joe South is 66. Actor Frank Bonner (WKRP in Cincinnati) is 64. Actress Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls) is 62. Actress Stephanie Beacham (Beverly Hills, 90210, The Colbys) is 59. Actress Bernadette Peters is 58...
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