Hatred of D.C. extends to postcards

...from Delaware where he, San dy Cas sady and Ja cob Dorn (grandson) are visiting Delaware Shores. They also visited the Gettysburg battlefield.Bob and Pat Schroeder went to Riverside, Calif., to celebrate a family reunion and their 62nd anniversary...

Rebel, Nazi comparisons unjustified

...conquest was complete. The Confederacy sought no conquests whatsoever. The two Southern invasions of the North ? Antietam and Gettysburg ? were attempted strictly to force the Union to end the war. The Confederacy did not have the slightest desire to conquer...

Thousands gather to honor President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

GETTYSBURG, Pa. - In solemnity, thousands gathered...The inspirational and famously short Gettysburg Address was praised for reinvigorating...perish from the earth.""The Battle of Gettysburg became the hinge of fate on which turned...

Gettysburg, buggy rides and chocolate

GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- A slice of Civil War history...Lee's bullet-scarred headquarters in Gettysburg, to a meandering buggy ride to see...as the Lincoln Highway, to start in Gettysburg, site of the bloodiest battle ever...

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A festival centered around Gettysburg Address

GETTYSBURG, Pa. - We know now that Abraham Lincoln...of the 10 sentences that made up the Gettysburg Address by saying, "The world will...president had been asked to come to Gettysburg to offer "a few appropriate remarks...

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Major Gettysburg work starts with restoring stream

GETTYSBURG, Pa.- Returning a stream to its Civil...in a $95 million project to send the Gettysburg battlefield back in time. The stream...offered tourists a sweeping view of Gettysburg National Military Park. The not-for-profit...

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Visitors flock to remember Gettysburg battle

GETTYSBURG, Pa. - From camera-toting tourists...thousands of people have flocked to the Gettysburg battlefield to commemorate the 150th...Stockholm, N.J., said she has visited Gettysburg 10 times, but never on July 2, the...

Local Civil War re-enactors commemorate Battle of Gettysburg 150th anniversary

...soldiers in a charge.The Battle of Gettysburg, fought during the first three days...Civil War re-enactors who traveled to Gettysburg, Pa., to commemorate the battle this...from across the nation descended on Gettysburg to commemorate the bloodiest battle of...

Longtime Gettysburg coach taking leave of absence

GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- Barry Streeter, head football coach at Gettysburg College for the last 26 years, will take a leave...Streeter has a career record of 132-126-5 with Gettysburg. Streeter will be replaced this season by defensive...

Ask us: Gettysburg talk took 2 minutes

Q: How long did it take President Lincoln to recite the Gettysburg address? A: On Nov. 19, 1863, Lincoln took 2 minutes to deliver his now-famous speech dedicating the battlefield at Gettysburg as a national cemetery. Coverage of his part in the ceremony...