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Angler has great fish story to tell from Catfish Creek

Pat Holland took a co-worker fishing at Thurmond Lake last Wednesday, hoping to bring home some big hybrids and maybe a striper or two. Instead, they came back with a great fish story.
Search for native striper fish continues to be elusive

Despite finding healthy numbers of adult stripers, each year, the quest for true native fish remains as elusive as ever.
Pavey: Getting to fishing spot on the Savannah River is worth the effort

There is something truly irresistible about the segment of the Savannah River upstream from the Augusta Canal headgates.
Georgia authorities plan heightened alerts for boating under the influence heading into July 4th with Operation Dry Water

For three days this weekend prior to July 4th, law enforcement will be on heightened alerts for boaters under the influence. The annual Operation Dry Water campaign seeks to remind boaters of safety and keeping deaths and injuries low.
Hunting accidents are never pleasant to talk or write about

Hunting accidents are never pleasant to talk or write about, but they are necessary to discuss in order for outdoorsmen and women to learn valuable lessons.
Pavey: Ice storm changes landscape at Yuchi Wildlife Management Area

...young hunters was honored recently as one of two Hunter Education Instructors of the Year selected by Georgia's Department of Natural Resources and its Wildlife Resources Division.Fred Perry already has a full-time job at Fort Gordon but finds...
Savannah River's dense swamps hide secrets of prehistoric man

Archaeologists exploring the dense swamps along the Savannah River are hoping to find evidence of some of the continent's earliest human visitors: Clovis man.
Alcohol levels for Georgia boaters could become stricter

A renewed push to strengthen Georgia's laws against boating under the influence of alcohol is gaining widespread support this year.
Fee causes drop in tag renewals

Higher fees have caused Georgians to dump their special wildlife license tags in record numbers, but the financial impact to conservation programs is still a question mark.
Rob Pavey | Outdoors | Sports
Missing fisherman's body found in lake

...War Eagle boat, which capsized.Searchers had stepped up patrols on the lake ever since then, and Georgia's Department of Natural Resources and other agencies had also been involved in the search.
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