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Georgia senators study medical billing limits

ATLANTA - Imagine arranging for a procedure, following the guidelines about staying "in-network," securing preapproval, paying the deductible and copayment, and then still getting bills from doctors for more money.
Can America avoid economic disaster?

...increases, which are the only mathematically, and politically, feasible ways to eliminate the deficit. ANOTHER FORMER Georgia senator, Democrat Sam Nunn, endorses the need to compromise. He serves on the steering committee of a national nonpartisan...
Reid opposes Obama's court pick for Georgia bench

...who heads the Judiciary Committee, made clear that he was not part of the White House's agreement with the two Georgia senators.In his testimony earlier in the week, Boggs said that, if confirmed, he would rule based on judicial precedents...
Georgia senators call federal water rule a 'power grab'

ATLANTA -- Georgia's U.S. senators are fighting a proposed rule on water regulation they say amounts to a federal power grab, yet environmentalists say it clarifies existing regulations.
VA legislation gaining ground in Georgia, senator says

During a visit to The Augusta Chronicle, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson said new legislation that provides for more timely care and improved accountability within the Department of Veterans Affairs is beginning to take hold.
A show horse and two work horses: A senatorial comparison

...establishing respect and open communication with the White House.These problems are not easily solved, but our Georgia senators are working to find solutions. The relationships they have nurtured and the ideas they have formulated will be helpful...
Gentry owner followed father's footsteps member: his uncle, state Sen. Bill Jackson."It's personalized attention when you get in the door,"the Georgia senator said.Jackson ran Gentry with his father until his death in 1991 and now has help from his wife of 17 years, Becky...
Ga. senator expenses under scrutiny

ATLANTA - The Republican leader of the Senate billed taxpayers for $8,100 in spending that was reported as campaign expenses, according to records the lawmaker filed with the state.
Georgia senators cap gifts as 2013 session begins

ATLANTA - Georgia state senators cannot accept gifts worth more than $100 from lobbyists under a new chamber rule.
Rookie Georgia senator gets grilled

ATLANTA -- All groups have ways to initiate newcomers, and in the legislature it's with merciless grilling, as Sen. Tyler Harper learned first hand this week.