Georgia lawmakers begin studying regulation, taxes for online rental sites like Airbnb

...and tax Internet-based travel accommodations such as Airbnb and other rental Web sites could be on the agenda for Georgia lawmakers when they convene in January.But Tuesday's first study committee meeting on the issue revealed they will face...

Ga. lawmakers question lottery payouts to HOPE scholarships

ATLANTA - Legislators seeking more revenue for the HOPE Scholarship probed Lottery Corporation executives Monday about cutting costs or reducing prizes.

Georgia budget focus includes Medicaid growth

...benefits and premium structure of the State Health Benefit Plan. But such revisions would be a hot-button issue for Georgia lawmakers, as the SHBP covers more than 600,000 members, which include school personnel, retirees and dependents.Separately...

Ga. lawmaker admits Ashley Madison link

MACON, Ga. - A state lawmaker from Macon says he had an account on the cheating Web site Ashley Madison.

Trampoline parks operate with few regulations

...American Society for Testing and Materials, to regulate the installation and maintenance of trampoline courts.Georgia lawmakers introduced House Bill 488, better known as the "Jonathan Magwood Trampoline Park Safety Act," in February to...

Solar energy heats up in Georgia

...will be brought online at or below what it would cost the company to generate comparable energy from other sources.Georgia lawmakers also gave solar a boost in the last session, with The Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act. Signed by the governor...

Ga. pipeline practices changed over time

...a 2015 University of Iowa Law Review article, "Transporting Oil and Gas: U.S. Infrastructure Challenges."Georgia lawmakers were protecting the interests of the railroads, but heightened national security concerns wouldn't allow them...

Across Georgia

...error.Genesi said workers are manually re-applying the credits to 825 people who should have been eligible.Georgia lawmakers this year voted to eliminate tax credits for low and zero-emissions vehicles as of June 30.Widow pleads guilty...

Gov. Deal signs bills regulating ride-hailing in Georgia

...firms are being sued in some states by cab drivers and state officials, and they have battled regulators for years.Georgia lawmakers approved the bills in the recent session but sponsors didn't get all they wanted, such as mandatory fingerprinting...

Georgia House Speaker says no vote for 'religious freedom' bill that became flashpoint

ATLANTA - Georgia lawmakers gave final approval to bills to legalize fireworks sales and mandate insurance coverage for children with autism on the final day...