How much should we pay for convicting wrong guy?

...000 for each year of undeserved imprisonment. Georgia lawmakers used the same process for some of the six getting...whatever it wants.In the case of three of the men, Georgia lawmakers said the money flow ends if the men are convicted...

Georgia lawmakers consider standard payout for people wrongfully convicted

ATLANTA - Lawmakers looking to set a standard payout for people released from prison after being wrongfully convicted heard Wednesday from experts on the range of past payments.

Georgia lets expire 15-year ban on using coastal aquifer to stash river water for droughts

...aquifer that's our principle water supply. When you're using this as storage, there's a higher risk."Coastal Georgia lawmakers were spurred into action back in 1999 when a private company in Savannah sought a permit to pump treated river water...

Legislators look at simplifying Georgia alcohol rules

Georgia lawmakers and lobbyists looked at ways to make the state's hodgepodge of alcohol rules more friendly to business and consumers.

Georgia attorney general: No weapons on campus, in schools

...carrying while picking up a child that Georgia Carry said should allow permit holders to carry on school grounds.Georgia lawmakers rushed to pass the two gun bills as the legislative session ended in March. An effort to decriminalize carrying...

Deal signs prisoner re-entry bill into law

...Senate Bill 365 at Antioch Baptist Church in Gainesville and said the legislation is meant to build on regulations Georgia lawmakers passed in 2012 and 2013.The new law requires the Georgia Board of Corrections to create a certificate program to...

Guns, medical marijuana oil among issues Georgia lawmakers addressed on busy final day of session

ATLANTA - With just hours left in Georgia's 2014 legislative session, Georgia lawmakers moved Thursday to allow the government to drug test people who seek or get government assistance to buy food.The state Senate...

Georgia lawmakers get ready for end-of-year rush on last legislative day

ATLANTA - With just one day of voting left, state lawmakers face decisions on whether to expand where people can carry guns, whether to create a medical marijuana program and how to overhaul the child welfare system.

Across the region

...In other newsTAX CREDITS for low- and no-emission vehicles would be eliminated or scaled back under a plan from Georgia lawmakers who say the incentives are too generous. House lawmakers have approved a plan that would repeal a maximum $5...

Across Georgia

...and clarify the amount of land that can be used for public recreation, unrestricted use, campgrounds and more.Georgia lawmakers voted overwhelmingly this year to essentially scrap the state law that governed development on Jekyll Island for...