Measure would end Georgia tax break on jet fuel

ATLANTA - Georgia lawmakers might eliminate a tax break for airlines buying jet fuel at the world's busiest airport, setting up a face-off with one of...

Bill to create titles for boat ownership in Georgia

ATLANTA - A Georgia lawmaker says boat owners could have an easier time getting financing, selling their crafts and straightening out their taxes if Georgia...

Georgia lawmakers target ride-sharing industry

ATLANTA - Georgia legislators have filed a flurry of bills aimed at forcing companies such as Uber to conduct more rigorous background checks on their drivers and raise passenger liability insurance minimums.

Ga. lawmakers address pygmy hedgehogs

ATLANTA -- Last year's attempt to legalize African pygmy hedgehogs as pets is being followed up by a two-pronged approach this year.

Georgia lawmakers battle over ending tax credits for electric vehicles

State tax credits that have allowed thousands of Georgians to drive electric vehicles at nearly no cost could be coming to an end if the state House favors a bill proposed by one lawmaker.

Georgia craft beer brewers seek take-home sales

ATLANTA - Brewers of craft beer hope their fans will help convince Georgia lawmakers to allow the sale of limited amounts for drinkers to take home."I like to buy vegetables from farmers and like to buy bread...

Lawmaker to introduce bill legalizing cannabis oil

ATLANTA - A Georgia lawmaker will officially introduce a bill legalizing cannabis oil for people with cancer, seizure disorders and other chronic diseases...

Georgia lawmakers need to protect taxpayers from the oppressive EPA

...one-100th of an inch.That's another way of saying this regulation is all pain and no gain ? that is, unless Georgia lawmakers act. TWELVE STATES already have sued the EPA to stop the Obama administration's assault on their state's economy...

Georgia lawmaker lashes out at transportation funding bill critics

ATLANTA -- Critics of a $1 billion transportation-funding bill didn't get to testify Thursday during the first House hearing on the proposal, but they are getting noticed.

Where credit is due

...and let the courts decide. Frankly, we don't see much of an argument.There's nothing standing in the way of Georgia lawmakers ? except for the shrill voices of a few public-education bureaucrats ? from growing this worthwhile tax-credit...