Lawmaker to introduce bill legalizing cannabis oil

ATLANTA - A Georgia lawmaker will officially introduce a bill legalizing cannabis oil for people with cancer, seizure disorders and other chronic diseases...

Georgia lawmakers need to protect taxpayers from the oppressive EPA

...one-100th of an inch.That's another way of saying this regulation is all pain and no gain ? that is, unless Georgia lawmakers act. TWELVE STATES already have sued the EPA to stop the Obama administration's assault on their state's economy...

Don't request more - spend less

The cavalier manner in which some Georgia lawmakers talk about raising transportation taxes is enough to make you think they're spending more time driving the Washington Beltway...

Ga. lawmakers work to lower age for politicians

ATLANTA - A Georgia lawmaker believes people legally able to drink, vote and serve in the military should be allowed to run for a seat in the state Senate...

GA lawmakers' bills support local pupil's push to lower age of political candidates

ATLANTA - A Grovetown middle-schooler's proposal to change the state constitution to lower the age for serving in the Georgia Legis­lature will be introduced by lawmakers.

Transportation funding top legislative issue in Georgia

...available. The organization's latest estimate says it would take $3.6 trillion by 2020 to make needed upgrades.Georgia lawmakers are feeling the pressure from the state's business community, including some of the state's biggest players...

First bills filed for Ga. legislature range from pot to sexual abuse to college athletics

...wage and college athletics are some of the topics of pre-filed legislation so far.With campaigns concluded, Georgia lawmakers are filing bills ahead of the legislative session that starts Jan. 12. As of Wednesday, 17 general bills and one...

Driverless drone cars headed our way

...These cars use an array of cameras, radar, sonar and radio transmissions to sense their surroundings, and Georgia lawmakers are getting advice from automobile manufacturers on how to get the state ready. A special, legislative committee...

Twisted justice?

...day ? on probation-violation arrest warrants they never knew existed.Somehow, we don't think this is what Georgia lawmakers had in mind when they drafted legislation allowing counties to deal with private probation companies. We certainly...

Georgia lawmakers offer medical marijuana proposals

ATLANTA - Members of a legislative study committee on medical marijuana met for the final time Wednesday in Atlanta, with some lining up behind different proposals that will arise in the 2015 legislative session.