Hospital provider fee unsettled

...bill that would renew a financing mechanism for the state's Medicaid program hurtled irresistibly through the Georgia General Assembly. Gov. Nathan Deal signed it into law almost as soon as it was passed.The high priority the measure received...

Bottom line

...infringed by executive authority during emergencies.The last thing a law-abiding gun owner should worry about during an emergency is forced confiscation from authorities. We applaud the Georgia General Assembly for enshrining that into law.

Letter: Don't legislate courtesy

...golfer is not courteous enough to allow this particular courtesy, and not all courses enforce it. Perhaps the Georgia General Assembly can include a golf etiquette fine in the bill to make life more pleasant for faster golfers.Your editorial...

Elect Blocker-Adams mayor

...every level that the mayor's office requires. State Sen. Hardie Davis is giving up a voting position in the Georgia General Assembly to run for mayor. It seems to me that he is primarily seeking a local position of status, and he will perhaps...

Jimmy Carter recalls rival Bo Callaway

...Maddox after failing to grab a majority of votes. Under state law at the time, the Democratic-controlled Georgia General Assembly got to choose the governor in such a scenario. And Maddox was their pick.But Callaway would go on to become...

A solution for slowpokes

...it was stuck behind a slow left-lane driver on River Watch Parkway.If a bill working its way through the Georgia General Assembly becomes law, motorists might at least think twice before clogging the passing lane.House Bill 459, which has...

Sebelius urges Georgians to sign up for exchange

...legislators want to put up another obstacle to it. A bill has been introduced that would require approval from the Georgia General Assembly before any expansion could occur.The bill's lead sponsor, Rep. Jan Jones (R-Milton), argued that expansion's...

Georgia House bill promises antidote to Obamacare affliction

...in the cradle.That explains the scaled-back scope of my legislative initiative (House Bill 707) in the Georgia General Assembly to prevent the federal government from commandeering the resources of state or local government to promote...

Drug thefts rise as 'pill mills' close

...after neighboring states, including Florida, passed tougher laws regulating pain clinics.But last year, the Georgia General Assembly passed legislation to get rid of pill mills, requiring pain clinics to be licensed by the state medical board...

Ga. GOP Senate hopefuls trumpet differences

...Affordable Care Act during his first term or "go home," though he also recalled serving previously in the Georgia General Assembly when Democrats still ran state government. "I can work with anybody," he said.Kingston said he's backed...