Georgia drivers pay $7.9 billion for bad roads, study finds

ATLANTA - Georgia drivers pay an extra $7.9 billion yearly for the problems with roads and bridges across the state, according to a report released Wednesday...

Bad roads cost Georgians, group says

ATLANTA -- Georgia drivers pay an extra $7.9 billion yearly for the problems with roads and bridges across the state, according to a report released Wednesday...

Georgia lawmakers battle over ending tax credits for electric vehicles

...the Chevy Volt and lower the tax credits to $3,000 until 2018, when it would fall to $2,000 before ending.Georgia drivers can combine the state credit with a $7,500 federal tax credit for even better deals. Leasing a Nissan Leaf for...

Analysis: Explaining Georgia's new road revenue plan

ATLANTA --The question is really what will ultimately get passed and how will it affect Georgia drivers and their wallet?

Ga. vote registration deadline Monday

...felony involving moral turpitude, and not having been found mentally incompetent by a judge.Georgians with a valid Georgia driver's license can go online and register at https://registertovote.sos.ga.gov/GAOLVR/#no-back-button...

Westside valedictorian first to sign up as Georgia launches on-line voter registration

...Augusta Convention Center.Kemp said the system will save counties time and money. It requires new voters to have a Georgia driver's license."Georgians deserve to be able to register to vote or change their information with as much ease as...

Georgia voter registration now online, by smartphone

...said the new system, which requires voters to have a Georgia driver's license or state ID, will save counties time...remember is that prospective voters must possess a Georgia driver's license or state ID to register online, she...

Monday is final day to register to vote in May 20 elections

...registration or registration using a new iPhone or Android app, called "GA Votes," which is available to anyone who has a Georgia driver's license."The coolest thing we have going on with voter registration is the mobile app and online," Bailey...

Small price for fishing license aids local wildlife management; fishing without license costly in Georgia

...fishing license in their possession while fishing in fresh or salt water in Georgia.Proof of residence, such as a Georgia driver's license, is required when purchasing a fishing license, which are available in lifetime and combination hunting...

Ga. Republicans stick to election-year legislative agenda, scuttle more controversial bills

...McKoon said.Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Bill Heath, R-Bremen, sought to resurrect his bill that would deny Georgia driver's licenses to immigrants who have been granted deferred action status, which allows them to stay in the country...