Where does Ga. stand in exchange enrollment?

...population in the nation. Both those Midwestern states, though, have much lower rates of uninsured residents than Georgia does.Two states with slightly lower overall populations than Georgia fared better. One, Michigan, enrolled 75,511...

Closure of Georgia hospitals endangers quality mental health care

...mentally ill. The federal government, in turn, has been criticized for failing to fulfill its duty to ensure that Georgia does what is best for patients and public safety. The U.S. Department of Justice, to date, has ignored the closure...

Richmond County's handicap parking enforcement lags behind Columbia County

...ing Af fidavit," said Nick Gen esi, the communications director for the Geor gia Department of Revenue.He said Georgia does not track the deaths of permit holders, and an applicant doesn't need a doctor's note to receive a permit. However...

Columbia County tops Georgia in physical activity, ranks high in life expectancy

...modest increases in obesity," Murray said. "There are examples in southern Georgia that are quite the opposite. So Georgia does stick out as a state that has marked diversity."Seeing improvements in physical activity does give the researchers...

Augusta area gays, lesbians celebrate ruling on marriage

...matter of civil rights."Hopper, who is in a relationship, said she will eventually get married in another state, if Georgia does not recognize same-sex marriage, so she can receive federal benefits.

Alternative fuels gaining steam in Georgia

...for the industry of wind-generated electricity held in Atlanta this month, but the host state had little presence.Georgia does have a handful of dedicated wind producers, like ZF Windpower of Gainesville that makes turbine gearboxes, but it's...

Proposal cuts back Ga. doe hunting season

ATLANTA-Georgia's deer hunters would get 25 fewer days to seek does, but they don't mind the reduction. They requested it.

Wealthiest Georgia counties enjoy best health but all pay for poor care, data show

...counties are in the bottom half and Burke County is in the bottom 10, according to data from a public health group.Georgia does not include public health in its deliberations when doing economic development, unlike some other states, even though...

Largemouth bass should be a nature for a license plate

...They say the Non Game Division needs the money. So what's to prevent the bass tag money from going to Non Game?Georgia does have a special trout tag, but its design is not attractive and I am not going to buy one. Presently, our family vehicles...

Ireland woos Georgians

ATLANTA -- Georgia does so much to generate interest in what Ireland offers that the Irish...investments made by Coca-Cola while an Irish descendant headed it, Georgia does much of the work already. "The phenomenon that is St. Patrick's...

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