Proposal cuts back Ga. doe hunting season

ATLANTA-Georgia's deer hunters would get 25 fewer days to seek does, but they don't mind the reduction. They requested it.

PBS figure will speak at seminar

...professionals." Other companies and agencies attending the conference will be BellSouth, IBM, Lotus, the Georgia Department of Energy, Oracle, Sprint PCS and Wireless Solutions. Some of the companies will be accepting resumes. A free high...

Kent: A Christian conservative chronicles betrayal

...call from Stockwell telling me that I was in serious trouble with Superintendent Schrenko for having misrepresented the Georgia DOE on this issue. Stockwell called the posters `religious posters,' parroting the PAW's line. When I reminded her...

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Funding jumps 20 percent for Georgia schools

...amount of it." John Roddy, a former U.S. Department of Education official who now handles federal programs for the Georgia DOE, said, "In a lot of cases, we're throwing good money after bad. It's not that we don't have enough money...

Growth surpasses board's 5-year capital outlay plan

...something else - local money, more bonds and things like that." The school board recently sent a resolution to the Georgia DOE asking to devise a new plan for 2005 through 2010. Superintendent Tommy Price said the DOE will likely honor the request...

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Kentucky model is wrong one for reforming Georgia's education system

...average about $5 per year. GERSC has talked of creating similar Criterion Referenced Tests to measure progress. But the Georgia DOE already has designed such tests that have passed legal muster and can be used to end social promotion. They have the...

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Schools official cleared

...it is clear that this determination is in the best interest of the Department of Education and for the children of Georgia." DOE officials said Riverside's bid for the project was the only valid proposal after another company's plan was disqualified...