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Don't forget to honor Honest Abe

...Today is Abe Lincoln's birthday. We used to celebrate it when I was a boy. Then we combined it with George Washington's birthday to create President's Day because I guess a bunch of federal employees felt February needed a three-day...
Bill Kirby
George Washington deserves better treatment

This is George Washington's birthday, but the banks aren't closed. That took place a week ago, on what is now called Presidents Day, even though no presidents...
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Across Georgia

...officials adjusted holidays so workers would have consecutive days off. "We rearranged Lee's birthday and George Washington's birthday by placing them next to Thanksgiving and Christmas," said state Sen. George Hooks. "This saves the taxpayers...
Faults School Board's calendar choices

Monday, Feb. 15 is George Washington's Birthday. This is a federal holiday. Federal employees get the day off, but Richmond County School Board officials don't think Washington's...
Opinion columns
Stores open for King holiday

When many consumers think of Veterans Day, Presidents Day and Memorial Day, sales come into their minds, too. Many retailers hope the thought of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will follow the same pattern: No retailer surveyed by The Augusta Chronicle said his establishment would be closed Monday, the day set aside to observe the birthday of the slain civil rights leader. They said they are open that day like they are many other holidays.
The heart, not the head, drives buying choices

...Salvation Army bell ringer looking for a donation or a contribution on the Fourth of July or Labor Day or George Washington's birthday. There's a lot less emotion attached to those holidays.The head is attached to the price. The heart...
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Fans of first president have several days they can celebrate

George Washington's birthday is being observed today, Feb. 21, though the history books say he was born Feb. 22, 1732. Actually, Washington was born...
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People in the News

...where she lost to eventual winner Serena Williams. --- LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The celebration of George Washington's birthday is also a day to honor the late civil rights leader Daisy Bates. Gov. Mike Huckabee signed legislation during...
Things to Do
You really can be as sick as a dog

At one point last week, I told a co-worker I felt "as sick as a dog." This being a newsroom, a debate arose over whether dogs really get sick - in particular, do they catch colds?
Bill Kirby
Norwood still angry at Clinton

...the Republican Party consider a born liar. "I find it very fitting that I'm here to tell you tonight on George Washington's birthday that it's always appropriate to tell the American public the truth," said Mr. Norwood, R-Ga. "And...