Editorial was 'irrational'

...presidents by the Constitution ? a right virtually every president has exercised, and some more than others. In fact, George W. Bush issued more than Obama.Your implication that the Obama administration has engineered this crisis is a wild misrepresentation...

Former Sen. Howard Baker Jr. famous for Watergate, dies at 88-years-old

...House chief of staff at the end of the Reagan administration and was U.S. ambassador to Japan during President George W. Bush's first term.His question at the 1973 Senate Watergate hearings - "What did the president know and when did he...

George W. Bush a much better president than Bill Clinton

...response to the letter from Paul Cook on March 31, "George W. Bush worst, most inept U.S. president ever," I would like to adamantly question how anyone could call George W. Bush the most inept president ever. Mr. Bush is a man...

Why are we in trouble?

...me, as well as preachers not doing a good job in many pulpits on Sunday mornings.Now my reason: When President George W. Bush, with the help of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, waged a war, invading the sovereign...

Is debate truly dead? Hear all sides

...I know plenty of people who are quite conservative in many ways but also happen to think that we, during the George W. Bush era, spent entirely too much money in the Middle East. Conversely, I know plenty of people who are quite liberal...

Georgia tobacco might be rebounding from low point

...had been grown under a USDA-administered quota system based on tobacco company's projected needs. But President George W. Bush signed an act Oct. 22, 2004, to implement the Tobacco Transition Payment Program to shift farmers to the free market...

Condoleezza Rice campaigns for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham

...by taking actions in conflicts. Rice was secretary of state for nearly the entire second term of former President George W. Bush. Graham is seeking a third term. He has six challengers in June's Republican primary who all say he is not conservative...

Don't ignore scandals

...from school by terrorists.On the other hand, Obama should be ashamed of himself for disparaging former President George W. Bush for doing the same thing against terrorists and Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands of his own people and threatened...

Liberals are better

...Republican Party but really was a liberal. Slave owners were conservative. Liberals are better than conservatives.President Obama has guided us out of this recession, which started under President George W. Bush.Bobby EtheridgeAugusta

Obama makes surprise visit to Afghanistan base

...Obama has staked much of his foreign policy philosophy on ending the two wars he inherited from his predecessor, George W. Bush.The final American troops withdrew from Iraq in the closing days of 2011 after the U.S. and Iraq failed to reach...