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Youth culture testing boundaries of gender identity

...woman, if I want." The concept of gender-bending is, of course, not a new phenomenon. Nineteenth century author George Sand was famous for her cigar-smoking and pants-wearing, while "female impersonators" worked their way from underground...
Life & style
Clarifies confusion over 'Millionaire'

...stated, "Which of these authors was not a woman?" a) George Eliot (not T.S. Elliot as the writer stated); b) George Sand; c) Isak Dineson or d) Evelyn Waugh. The answer is d) Evelyn Waugh. The other authors were all women, two of...
Expresses outrage over quiz show of these authors is not a man? T.S. Elliot, George Sand, (one I can't remember), or Evelyn Waugh?" The...Olivier) be declared a woman, while French novelist George Sand, the lifetime companion of the Polish composer Frederic...
Some films are resonant with orchestrated drama

...being turned on its ear that stays with you. IMPROMPTU (1991): Ostensibly a biography (of sorts) of English author George Sand, the real appeal of the cuffs-and-corsets costume party is the side-story involving musical compatriots Frederic...
Steven Uhles