Rants & Raves

...of thousands of injured soldiers on disability, artificial limbs, etc., not to mention the thousands killed. Was George Bush, who charged in without proper armor for the vehicles or even the soldiers? Soldiers had to solicit family members...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:A RANT TO the person who called George Bush a "cowboy," no, Obama is a "cowboy." Without asking Congress he went into Libya, shot the sheriff (Moammar Gadhafi...

Rants & Raves

...demise. The president is the devil reincarnate. Republicans are ordered by God. Democrats are the spawn of Satan. George Bush was just misunderstood. The invasion of Iraq was justified. AH, SPRING BREAK in Florida. Sunning on the beach...

Augusta National caddie, president formed friendship while fishing

The famed Augusta National Golf Club was the birthplace of a remarkable friendship between President George Bush Sr. and golf caddie Charles "Bull" Hatney Williams.

A George Bush religious bio shows impact of the Bible study movement

...wrote in his diary for April 3, 1984: "A good and powerful day. Led Vice President Bush's son to Jesus today. George Bush Jr.! This is great! Glory to God." On the Net: Community Bible Study: http://www.communitybiblestudy...

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Political exposure

George Bush, meet George Bush. It went something like that, and then it was over. "He wasn't too interested," Augusta's George Bush said of meeting George W. Bush III. That was about eight years...

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Augusta attorney works long hours in fight for justice

Injured in an accident? George Bush wants to help. No, not that George Bush. George D. Bush the Augusta personal injury...to be a lawyer when your name is, well, George Bush. Mr. Bush was 13 when the other George Bush...

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Chip off the old block

"I'm smarter than George Bush. I've eaten with George Bush and there are people in this room smarter than George Bush. If I had been in office, I wouldn't have...

How Bush got started

When Gov. George Bush, R-Tex., arrives at (of all places) Bush Field today...A 21-year-old volunteer fresh out of college named George Bush, then-Congressman George Bush's son and now governor of Texas."

Opinion columns
Ask Us: Bush son more likely to seek job

Q: Is former president George Bush planning to run for president again in the year 2000? A: You might be thinking about the former president's son, George W...