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...professional barber. THE CIVIL WAR AND slavery ended 150 years ago, and people are still blaming this on their problems. George Bush's term ended six years ago, and Democrats are still blaming him for our country's problems. Obama's term is...


...surgery today, and there is no timetable for his return.? Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard was detained at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Friday for having a handgun in his carry-on bag.Houston Police Department spokesperson...

Find local rhythms and tourist sites in Old Havana

...outdoors and a wall of cartoons inside called "Cretins' Corner" mocking American presidents Ronald Reagan and both George Bushes.Watch out for hustlers near the Parque Central. Resist all invitations from overly friendly strangers who invite...

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Comments from readers:A RANT TO the person who called George Bush a "cowboy," no, Obama is a "cowboy." Without asking Congress he went into Libya, shot the sheriff (Moammar Gadhafi...

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...demise. The president is the devil reincarnate. Republicans are ordered by God. Democrats are the spawn of Satan. George Bush was just misunderstood. The invasion of Iraq was justified. AH, SPRING BREAK in Florida. Sunning on the beach...

Alcohol monitoring request is rejected

...passengers seriously injured. A condition of bond was electronic monitoring for alcohol. On Thursday, Hicks' attorney, George Bush, asked Judge J. David Roper to drop that provision of her bond, which costs Hicks $308 a month. Hicks does not...

Hephzibah man who fled traffic stop sentenced to prison term

...panicked because he was afraid having a shotgun in the vehicle would land him in serious trouble, defense attorney George Bush told the judge.Burroughs had no prior felony offense, said Assistant District Attorney Robert Homlar, who handled...

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...of thousands of injured soldiers on disability, artificial limbs, etc., not to mention the thousands killed. Was George Bush, who charged in without proper armor for the vehicles or even the soldiers? Soldiers had to solicit family members...

Augusta National caddie, president formed friendship while fishing

The famed Augusta National Golf Club was the birthplace of a remarkable friendship between President George Bush Sr. and golf caddie Charles "Bull" Hatney Williams.

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...polls? Don't work? Don't vote! STOP PRETENDING THIS border thing in Texas just started with this president. George Bush was president for eight years, and it was right in his backyard. Wake up. Stop your blame game.