What Is It?

...1961 Skylark.WARRENTON, GA.: Don Wiggins said: "It's a 1962 Buick, a Special, maybe."WAYNESBORO, GA.: George Bailey said it was a 1961 Skylark.NO CITY LISTED: John W. Anderson said: "I believe this picture is a 1962 Buick Skylark...

What Is It?

...Custom, which have the same body style."SPARTA, GA.: Jimmy Wallace guessed a 1955 Ford.WAYNESBORO, GA.: George Bailey said it was a 1957 Ford, or maybe even a 1953, thus covering the corners of his bet.

Axis of hegemony

...This country has given more than its share to a violent, chaotic and ungrateful world.Yet, like the fictional hero George Bailey in the movie It's a Wonderful Life, America may be getting a glimpse of what the world would be like without her...

What Is It? A 1956 Buick

...Jimmy WallaceTHOMSON: Al Lamar, '56 Buick Special convertibleWARRENTON, GA.: Don WigginsWAYNESBORO, GA.: George Bailey said the 1956 Buick Special.Kenn Huff said: "This is a 1956 Buick Century. It was considered the best Buick yet...

What Is It?

...1951 until he read the clue: "It brought back memories. A 1951 Ford ran over my dog, Ticky."WAYNESBORO, GA.: George Bailey: "My brother owned one when we were in high school in 1965. Had a flathead V-8. Oh, man, would that thing run...

What Is It?

...383 engine."SANDERSVILLE, GA.: David Wiggins guessed it to be the 1964 Chrysler Newport.WAYNESBORO, GA.: George Bailey got the year right but said the car was a Chevrolet Chevy II.WARRENTON, GA.: Don Wigginss was close with his guess...

Add a 'Wonderful Life' to new home when friends move

...film, a family renting from a slumlord finally is able to buy a house in a good subdivision developed by the star, George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart). To welcome the immigrant Martini family into their new home, George and his wife, Mary (Donna...

Laney, Westside play Saturday in key game

...way Laney ? as Josey did Oct. 11 ? can hold its homecoming game on a Saturday, Richmond County athletic director George Bailey said.By playing a day later, Laney and Westside have an extra day to practice. That means the usual Thursday...

Let's pick up Northern city's loss of annoyance law

There is a scene in It's a Wonderful Life in which George Bailey steals Mary away from Freddie, who is telling her a boring story at the school dance. (Freddie is played by Carl Switzer, who...

Leadership, in a rudderless world

...Dinesh D'Souza's new movie is titled America: Imagine the World Without Her.We may not have to imagine it. Like George Bailey in the movie It's a Wonderful Life, America may be seeing what the world would be like without her.In the absence...