Legendary directors are linked by unfinished film

...and Touch of Evil) as for his failures. He is the rejected genius of American movies, his own worst enemy in an industry that...the next, displaying flashes of temper amid a steady beam of genius and selfishness.Welles talked his friend John Huston into...

Who won the debate? It might surprise you

...For all the public media and conservative bad remarks about Alinsky, in academia he is known for being the organizational genius, and progressives are mastering his Rules for Radicals.Dr. Carson thus "knows his enemy," and with his unmatched brilliance...

'Fantastic Four' try to get their franchise footing in latest film

...Chronicle star Jordan as Johnny Storm/Human Torch, who suggested his That Awkward Moment co-star Teller for the part of the genius scientist Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic. Mara and Bell came aboard, too, as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman and Ben Grimm...

Patriots won Augusta with ingenious tower

Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.? Ralph Waldo Emerson What does genius look like?Einstein's formula or Leonardo's...And it had a cannon on top.This example of genius was called the "Mayham Tower," and it was...

New Aiken County superintendent discusses urgency, leadership

...those years is the importance of recognizing the individual genius in every student. They all may not be the best calculus student...it's about helping aspiring professionals recognize their genius and use that as a cornerstone in their career as well. The...

My car is too unsophisticated to hack

...survived.)Again, you will notice that I said "you" and not "we," because not even the head bartender at the Ap ple Genius Bar would be able to hack into my old SUV. Manufactured 14 years and 166,608 miles ago ? 268,129 kilometers looks so...

Foundation names 'genius grant' winners

...John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation found the idea genius. Jeffrey Brenner, a doctor and founder of the organization...was named Wednesday as one of 24 to receive a $625,000 "genius grant" from the foundation. "This is an acknowledgment that...

Was boy genius overwhelmed?

...20 headline described Brandenn Bremmer as an "unpretentious genius." He began reading at 18 months, played the piano at age...There is no doubt that he was a prodigy, but even a young genius must be taught and encouraged to strike a balance between learning...

If I could rewind this year, I might have been considered a genius

Common sense is genius dressed in working clothes. -- Ralph...MacArthur Foundation announced its annual "genius" grants, and my name wasn't on the...am questioning my own definition of "genius." Among this year's winners, according...

Bill Kirby
Anniversary marks 100 years of genius

...bandleader, a showman and charmer, a pianist, artist and musical genius who created some of the most complex as well as some of the...encyclopedia of music. There is nothing we can't learn from your genius. Soul, sensitivity, jazz, art and love all come from you...

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