Richmond Academy to honor 1956 championship football team

...looking back it was a lot of fun."Inman was a deliberate and organized coach, who left halfback Tony Atkins described as a genius.He kept impeccable notes, with a scouting notebook "that was probably 25 pages thick with little particulars and peculiarities...

Grading the Bulldogs

...Dylan Thompson and the Gamecocks wide receivers exploited the middle of the field all night. Pruitt may prove to be a defensive genius one day ? and maybe he doesn't have his personnel in place yet ? but against South Carolina he looked more like Todd Grantham...

Vote for more productivity

...better way with less pollution; and we produced all sorts of goods in better ways ? all because of our private industrial genius and competition. The government did not force us to produce aerodynamically shaped automobiles or replace open-hearth furnaces...

Rants & Raves

...are close to his heart.I LOVE READING Daniel Martin's letters to the editor. He is a great writer and truly a political genius. Can someone get in contact with him about running for the Augusta Commission? We need courageous leaders now.HOW MANY MORE...

Foundation names 'genius grant' winners

...John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation found the idea genius. Jeffrey Brenner, a doctor and founder of the organization...was named Wednesday as one of 24 to receive a $625,000 "genius grant" from the foundation. "This is an acknowledgment that...

Was boy genius overwhelmed?

...20 headline described Brandenn Bremmer as an "unpretentious genius." He began reading at 18 months, played the piano at age...There is no doubt that he was a prodigy, but even a young genius must be taught and encouraged to strike a balance between learning...

If I could rewind this year, I might have been considered a genius

Common sense is genius dressed in working clothes. -- Ralph...MacArthur Foundation announced its annual "genius" grants, and my name wasn't on the...am questioning my own definition of "genius." Among this year's winners, according...

Bill Kirby
Anniversary marks 100 years of genius

...bandleader, a showman and charmer, a pianist, artist and musical genius who created some of the most complex as well as some of the...encyclopedia of music. There is nothing we can't learn from your genius. Soul, sensitivity, jazz, art and love all come from you...

Things to Do
Japanese 'Genius' chimpanzee pregnant

TOKYO -- Japan's "genius" chimp is pregnant, and researchers are hoping for some brainy offspring. The 21-year-old chimpanzee, named "Ai," can...

XXX Technology
The Evil Genius returns: Will he bedevil Georgia again?

...He's not the Ol' Ball Coach in these parts. To Georgia fans, Steve Spurrier has always gone by a more nefarious name - Evil Genius. During his dominating reign at Florida, Spurrier spent a dozen years treating the Bulldogs with disdain. From poking fun...