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...nuclear forces, Obama waits till everything's a mess, then wants billions to fix that management. And voters elected this genius TWICE! MARYLAND'S PUBLIC schools wants to end official holidays like Christmas. Clearly, they've been intimidated. Or...

Food books reach geeks, grains, globe

...and comically ? guides readers through 126 everyday classics, explaining what to do and why. And his format is almost genius. Each ingredient is accompanied by a brief explanation of its role in the recipe. The result: You learn even by assembling...

Alabama, Missouri football coaches have a history

...and practices adopted decades ago from James, a Hall of Famer who died in October 2013 at age 80."He was an organizational genius," Pinkel said. "The detail of organizing every little tiny aspect of your football program, having a plan in place for...

A bombshell ruling

...Columbia County without a formal contract is a glaring example.That potentially multimillion-dollar mistake is a whopper. What genius thought that having no contract was a good idea? And how many similar problems exist in other Georgia counties?At the very...

Some Atlantic Coast Conference stars toil in the shadow of Florida State

...interceptor is a sophomore who was virtually unknown two months ago and plays for a school obsessed with the head coach's offensive genius: Louisville's Gerod Holliman.And the conference's leading tackler is an anonymous everyman who has helped engineer one...

Foundation names 'genius grant' winners

...John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation found the idea genius. Jeffrey Brenner, a doctor and founder of the organization...was named Wednesday as one of 24 to receive a $625,000 "genius grant" from the foundation. "This is an acknowledgment that...

Was boy genius overwhelmed?

...20 headline described Brandenn Bremmer as an "unpretentious genius." He began reading at 18 months, played the piano at age...There is no doubt that he was a prodigy, but even a young genius must be taught and encouraged to strike a balance between learning...

If I could rewind this year, I might have been considered a genius

Common sense is genius dressed in working clothes. -- Ralph...MacArthur Foundation announced its annual "genius" grants, and my name wasn't on the...am questioning my own definition of "genius." Among this year's winners, according...

Bill Kirby
Anniversary marks 100 years of genius

...bandleader, a showman and charmer, a pianist, artist and musical genius who created some of the most complex as well as some of the...encyclopedia of music. There is nothing we can't learn from your genius. Soul, sensitivity, jazz, art and love all come from you...

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Japanese 'Genius' chimpanzee pregnant

TOKYO -- Japan's "genius" chimp is pregnant, and researchers are hoping for some brainy offspring. The 21-year-old chimpanzee, named "Ai," can...

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