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UGA researchers tout bacteria discovery not just the viruses or other foreign invaders that might attack bacteria, but parts of the bacteria's own genetic machinery. Specifically, the Terns were able to block the action of genes that give the bacteria resistance to amoxicilin...
Tomorrow's doping scandal? It could be genetic enhancement

...molecule stimulates the growth of muscle fibers. So when the virus infects muscle cells, hijacking the body's genetic machinery so it produces even more IGF-I, serious buffness results. Golden retrievers suffering from a genetic disease...
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Study: reproduction cells linked to aging process

...system for aging were found by scientists at the University of California at San Francisco studying the intricate genetic machinery of a minuscule, short-lived roundworm, known as C. elegans. The findings, published Friday in the journal...
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Cross-Species combinations represent surprising twist

...maternal factors are largely interchangeable. That is, maternal factors inside cow eggs apparently can reprogram the genetic machinery of cells from a variety of species. Given the easy availability of cow eggs and the significant amount that is already...
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