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Group attempts to unlock corn's genetic code

ST. LOUIS - A trade group overseeing an effot to unlock corn's genetic code says more than 120 researchers have already used a Web database created to speed up development of biotech crops. The National...
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Human genome projects essentially complete

...scientists announced that the human genetic code essentially has been deciphered...human beings. Knowing the human genetic code, said President Clinton, will...discovered the elegant structure of our genetic code." Watson was one of many eminent...
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Dark side of genome research

...announcement that the rough draft of the entire human genetic code is nearly complete has a dark side: The legal, social...allowed to patent genetic discoveries deep within your genetic code? How could genetic information be used for military...
Scientist disputes company's DNA decoding claim international organization trying to map the human genetic code has disputed a private company's claim to have had finished the decoding phase of one person's genetic code, did not complete even half of its planned effort...
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Judge upholds arrest warrant based on DNA

...upheld the validity of an arrest warrant issued against a genetic code in what is believed to be the nation's first ruling...was issued not against a known suspect, but against a genetic code of the semen sample taken six years earlier from the...
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Tiny worm is first animal to have entire genetic code mapped

WASHINGTON -- Scientists for the first time have mapped the entire gene pattern of an animal, a tiny worm that already is providing clues to human problems such as cancer, aging and Alzheimer's disease. Experts called the achievement an important advance in the ambitious effort to map the human gene structure and to someday use that knowledge to find the causes and cures of human disease. The worm, a type of nematode called Caenorhabditis elegans, is as common as dirt. A handful of garden soil contains thousands.
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Key to obesity treatment might be held by roundworm

...technique to identify about 400 genes in the roundworm's genetic code related to fat production and storage. His team deactivated...against viruses and "jumping DNA" from hijacking its own genetic code, said Julie Ahringer, a Wellcome Trust researcher...
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Scientists report progress in making bacterial-killing bugs

...artificial virus with the identical genetic code of a simple virus already known...viral DNA identical to the known genetic code, the researchers said. The synthetic...produced a map of the complete human genetic code, said much research is needed...
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DNA in old crimes might yield suspects

...butts could be the clues that crack unsolved murders and rapes. In the world of forensic science, DNA - the unique genetic code found in all human tissue and bodily fluid - has virtually supplanted fingerprints as the best physical evidence in...
Genes guide medication decisions, potential treatment

...Friday in Augusta, researchers will talk about the practical applications of genomic medicine (the genome is the human genetic code) that allows for more personalized care. The 2012 Southern Translational Education and Research Conference is being...