US gains trade victory in auto dispute with China

...U.S.-made vehicles as legal under international rules. It asserted that the administration's bailouts of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler amounted to unfair government subsidies. China's duties affected cars and sport-utility vehicles...

Apple makes iPhones more compatible with vehicles

...sedan and C-Class midsize sedan should be compatible with the system.A long list of other automakers, including General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Honda, also are drawing up plans for CarPlay, according to Apple.So far, GM, Honda...

Wireless developers want machines conversing

...of some big-ticket items, such as cars, which have been forerunners when it comes to wireless connections. General Motors Corp. started equipping cars with OnStar wireless calling and assistance services in the mid-1990s. At the show...

Biz briefs

...where it can accumulate in fish and be passed to humans. GM plans temporary closures at 13 plants DETROIT --- General Motors Corp. said Thursday that it will temporarily close 13 assembly plants in the U.S. and Mexico -- some for more than...

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Rants & Raves

...years.FRESHMEN congressmen are being taught "ethics" by the incumbents. What?THE U.S. government owns General Motors Corp. Now our government plans to sell new stock in the company. Anybody stupid enough to partner with the U.S...

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GM poised to take No. 1 sales spot from Toyota

...No. 1 spot from 1932 until 2008.Here's why GM is almost a lock to retake the lead this year:A BETTER GM: General Motors Corp. was dysfunctional three years ago, hobbled by enormous debt and a giant bureaucracy. Its quality was suspect...

Auto, housing upturns help areas recover

...Tennessee, and Tuscaloosa County, Ala. Auto companies boosted production mainly to replenish depleted inventories. General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC restored shifts and reopened factories as the companies restructured and emerged from bankruptcy...

You're fired, Obama style

...Military Office Director Louis Caldera, and - in a maneuver stretching all the way up the Interstate to Detroit - General Motors Corp. CEO Rick Wagoner. Obama was accused by some of not being tough enough during last year's presidential campaign...

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Fewer layoffs, but no one is hiring

...prepare for next year's models, causing a spike in layoffs. But those cuts took place in May and June instead as General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC sought bankruptcy protection and implemented sweeping restructuring plans.

GM's bid to become 'new' company starts

...partly attributed to the company's progress toward an exit from Chapter 11. Under a government-backed deal, General Motors Corp. will sell most of its assets to a newly created company, 60 percent owned by the U.S. government. The Canadian...