Proposal would boost hourly wages in South Carolina

...Pinckney, a Democrat.S. 146 relates to a statewide advisory referendum, which would ask voters during the 2016 general election whether South Carolina should have a minimum wage that is $1 higher than the federal minimum."These bills may...

Around the block

...m. Dec. 15 at the Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union, 205 Davis Road.Bailey will discuss the November 2014 General Election and details about the March 2015 Special Election to elect a new Augusta commissioner for District 7, who will serve...

Ex-Gov. Carl Sanders dies

...to Sanders as "Cuff-Link Carl," portraying his opponent as a big-city lawyer. Carter won the primary and general election.Today, Troutman Sanders Law Firm has about 600 employees and offices in the U.S. from coast to coast and overseas...

Majority of Georgia voters back raising minimum wage, exit poll shows

...interests such as the Georgia Chamber of Commerce also oppose it. However, the moderates that Republicans need to win general elections tend to favor raising the wage, creating a long-run problem for GOP leaders.President Obama has proposed raising...

SC voter turnout lowest in 40 years

...Agency spokesman Chris Whitmire says that marks only the second time that turnout dipped below 50 percent in a general election. That's according to his review of records going back to 1974. The previous low was set in 2006 at 45 percent...

SC county officials oppose transferring roads from state care

...the state Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office.Simrill said other funding options include asking voters in the 2016 general election if they support adding a penny to the state sales tax to pay for roadwork. That would raise an additional $643...

Columbia County sample ballot

The general election is Nov. 4.

Rants & Raves

...stepchild... DANIEL MARTIN AND his CSRA Citizen's Forum have decided on their endorsements for the upcoming general election on Nov. 4. We endorse Rick Allen for Congress, David Perdue for U.S. Senate, and Nathan Deal for Governor...

Early voting ends today

Today is the Georgia deadline for early voting ahead of the Nov. 4 general election. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp says Georgians looking to vote early must submit their ballots by 7 p.m. on Friday...

Andrew Hunt offers alternative to veteran politicians in Georgia governor's race

...win. Instead, Hunt says polls show that a runoff is inevitable, so people can cast a Libertarian ballot in the general election to send a message and then make a pragmatic decision between Deal and Carter in the December runoff.