Researchers seek genes for alcoholism

...not caused by a single gene -- or even by genes alone. The fact that...It also contains the gene for leptin, a chemical...chromosome 11 contains genes for enzymes involved in...brain, as well as the gene for the D4 dopamine receptor...

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Scientists lower number of human genes

...non-functioning copies of real genes and that sometimes parts of the same gene were counted as two genes, Lander said. Scientists said...independently demonstrated that 19,599 genes exist. Gerald Rubin, a gene expert at the University of California...

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Scientists find three genes for serious eye diseases

...vision, Chader said. So if the genes are damaged, they might be...treat people with flaws in the genes, he said. But that's unproven...a doctor, Chader said. The genes are identified in three papers...from Germany, identifies the gene causing a rare disorder called...

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Bypass genes: With viruses or without?

...heart muscle. Squirting the genes through a tube snaked into the...researchers all believe that genes are an essential ingredient...for a week or two until the genes decay. But on this point...growth protein itself -- not the gene that makes it -- even though...

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Researchers study genes that make you get well

...William Petros, looked at a dozen genes that seem to regulate drug metabolism...meeting that mutations in two genes, called CYP3A4 and CYP3A5...while variants of a third gene, called GSTM1, provided a...intolerable toxicity." The genes appear to play important roles...

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Intelligence genes prove hard to map

...fiddle around with that many genes is unimaginable." Behavior...would be easy to find a few genes that could explain intelligence...The contagious enthusiasm for gene hunting that dominates so much...findings, they said. About 150 genes and regions on chromosomes have...

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Studies: genes involved in SIDS, Parkinson's disease

...research has suggested genes play a role in the...found evidence that a gene defect linked to a...research focuses on genes that also may be important...variations in the tau gene could make some people...suggests that many genes may be linked to late-onset...suggestions that a gene is linked to early-onset...

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Breast cancer genes rarer than thought

CHICAGO -- Gene defects that have been...several defects in two genes -- BRCA1 or BRCA2...doubt on whether defective genes cause the early onset...cancer and on how useful gene testing would be, researchers...Association. Defective genes account "for less disease...

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Court to decide whether human genes can be patented

...scientists who believe that genes carrying the secrets of life...City, which has patents on two genes linked to increased risk of...breast cancer predisposition gene, or BRCA. Those mutations...those patents, arguing that genes couldn't be patented, and...

Scientists pinpoint genes that help wheat adapt around the world

...cloned the first wheat vernalization gene - VRN1, the gene that sets off the plant's flowering - this year identified VRN2, the gene that tells the plant to wait through...mutation in either one of these genes, the research team found, results...