Richmond County Board of Education to outsource printing of customized math textbooks

...using an outside printing company would help take the strain off the school system's printing house.Comptroller Gene Spires recommended the board hire Augusta Blueprint to print the school's customized advanced algebra textbooks for the seventh...

Georgia schools still in funding squeeze

...180-day instructional calendar, but teachers and employees are still furloughed on four non-student days.Controller Gene Spires said he is unsure the relief seen this year will continue into the future given the tremendous cuts made to education...

Board votes to make Pringle interview public, approves new millage

...new rate is 19.972 mils, a very small drop from last year's rate of 19.982.Under this new rate, those owning a house worth $100,000 would have their property taxes dropped by 35 cents, according to Board Controller Gene Spires.

Richmond County Board of Education proposes slight drop in millage

...property owners a few cents but would keep tax rates mostly the same.The tentative millage rate proposed by Controller Gene Spires was 19.972 mills, a slight drop from 19.982 mills. If the proposed rate is passed, the owner of a house worth...

Richmond County school board votes to fill vacant positions to ease staff workload

...student services position into a directorship could save the school system "around $40,000," according to Controller Gene Spires. Spires added the saved funds would ensure that filling the two positions would not drastically impact the budget...

Richmond County teachers may have five less furlough days next year in proposed budget

...will set dates for additional meetings to discuss the budget before it must be passed at the end of June.Controller Gene Spires said part of the relief is due to the fact that the state restored some education funding that has been withheld since...

Tentative school budget reduces furlough days, allows for hiring of 32 teachers

...insurance costs."Most employees will be paid for more days of work, and we're happy about that," Controller Gene Spires said. "Roughly 61 percent of our general fund is funded by the state. Since the austerity adjustment was not as large...

Richmond County school board questions increased travel costs

...However, with one major federal grant set to run out this summer and another having expired last year, Controller Gene Spires said travel this year will be greatly reduced.Board member Helen Minchew said she is concerned that the general fund...

Augusta school officials ponder how to replace Race to the Top funding

...officials are beginning discussions for the 2014-15 budget and should have a preliminary plan in February, Controller Gene Spires said.He said he is not expecting to receive back any of the $50 million in funding the state has cut over the past...

Parapros see their numbers dwindle due to funding cuts

...When you have a teacher that loses a parapro, learning has just gotten a little thinner in that class." Controller Gene Spires said parapros have dwindled over the years as the state has cut funding. Parapros are not required in general education...