...of the year's last Grand Slam tournament Friday because he's still recovering from wrist surgery.? Israel's Davis Cup tie against Argentina in September has been moved to Sunrise, Fla., because of the conflict in Gaza.

Stand with Palestinians

...land, homes, lives, resources and even basic human rights from the Palestinians. The genocide that has been happening in Gaza, and what is left of the West Bank, is a modern-day atrocity that has been supported by Western governments since 1947...

New alternative school principal won't seek student busing

...They don't appreciate what we give them until it's taken away," Dolan said. "Those kids in Nigeria, those kids in Gaza, in Syria, they would love it if they got to go to school and just had to behave. These kids are just throwing away a golden...

Hamas imperils innocents

In 2007, after the Gaza election, Hamas killed members of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Hamas repeatedly has called for the destruction...to build houses, Hamas used it not to rebuild Gaza or even to provide bomb shelters for its people...

How can Israel justify?

As the terrible conflict between Israel and Gaza develops, the blame for Palestinian deaths has been terribly...time.And with no safe haven for many Palestinians, all of Gaza is the wrong place.Since Israel began "defending" itself...

No moral equivalence

...threat of total destruction.Has Mr. Hickerson already forgotten about the suicide bombers who greeted Israel after it returned Gaza to the Palestinian Authority?Does he forget the hundreds of intact greenhouses that were given as gifts to help feed and employ...

Injustice, imbalance reign

...accountable.Now we dismiss Israel's conduct in its latest attack on Gaza. But Israel cannot justify bombing civilian infrastructure and...provided money and weapons for the Israeli Defense Force's Gaza crime spree, we are specifically complicit in Israeli crimes...

Cease US aid to Israel

Charles Krauthammer's column "Moral clarity in Gaza" (July 19) praises Israel's ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Israel's intent is neither to end rocket fire, which was minimal throughout long periods of truce, nor to arrest...

Put Mideast in perspective

...like to point out that Israel is not attacking the terrorists in Gaza for the purpose of massacring innocent people. Furthermore...prevailed and became a state. Israel uprooted Israeli settlers from Gaza by force when it was ceded to the Palestinians. This ceding...

Attacks in homeland weigh on Israeli team in world lacrosse championships

...However, it's hard for him and his teammates to bask in the moment as loved ones back home deal with rocket attacks from Gaza."Maybe this provides a little bit of light in the darkness that's really in Israel right now," said Miller, who grew...