Hamas imperils innocents

In 2007, after the Gaza election, Hamas killed members of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Hamas repeatedly has called for the destruction...to build houses, Hamas used it not to rebuild Gaza or even to provide bomb shelters for its people...

Cease US aid to Israel

Charles Krauthammer's column "Moral clarity in Gaza" (July 19) praises Israel's ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Israel's intent is neither to end rocket fire, which was minimal throughout long periods of truce, nor to arrest...

Put Mideast in perspective

...like to point out that Israel is not attacking the terrorists in Gaza for the purpose of massacring innocent people. Furthermore...prevailed and became a state. Israel uprooted Israeli settlers from Gaza by force when it was ceded to the Palestinians. This ceding...

Global tensions don't curb enthusiasm for stocks as market extends its correction-free streak

...market overcome its latest dip, on July 17th, when a passenger jet was shot down in eastern Ukraine and Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, raising investor worries that conflicts around the world could escalate and destabilize financial markets.Investors...

Attacks in homeland weigh on Israeli team in world lacrosse championships

...However, it's hard for him and his teammates to bask in the moment as loved ones back home deal with rocket attacks from Gaza."Maybe this provides a little bit of light in the darkness that's really in Israel right now," said Miller, who grew...

Israel's travel restrictions bar Palestinian runners from leaving for marathon

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel has barred 30 runners, including an Olympic athlete, from leaving the Gaza Strip to participate in a marathon later this week, highlighting Israel's...

Gaza disengagement is a sacrifice

...disengagement. The decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank is by far...and all military installations from the Gaza Strip and 440 square miles in the northern...less than a week. A Jewish presence in Gaza dates back to 150 B.C.E. The first...

Opinion columns
Don't downplay Gaza rocket attacks

...Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza fire their rockets from heavily populated...and rocket attacks -- and, since the Gaza disengagement, has shown remarkable restraint...pleased to hear that Iman al-Shafi from Gaza, recently delivered healthy twins at Ashkelon's...

Christian exodus shadows papal visit to Holy Land

...instances of Islamic extremism, particularly in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, have made some Christians feel unwelcome in some cases...000 Palestinian Christians live in the West Bank, 2,000 in Gaza, and 10,000 in Jerusalem, according to the local Roman Catholic...

Rebels with a really, really bad cause

Gaza has been occupied these past few years, certainly...they're tragically unaware. Israel handed Gaza over in 2005, even forcibly removing the...Israel's "land for peace" abandonment of Gaza by raining rockets down on Israel, you don't...