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Fewer teaching jobs in S. Carolina

...most efficient use of available resources as funding for education continues to decrease," CERRA Executive Director Gayle Sawyer said in a statement. "As national data have become available, we have noted that South Carolina's figures reflect...
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Want to teach? Take shortcut the state. "I don't think anybody would want an empty classroom if they can get a certified teacher," said Gayle Sawyer, of the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement. But some South Carolina educators don't like...
Winners often leave classroom

...Teacher of the Year program provides people with an opportunity to experience a spectrum of programs and ideas," said Gayle Sawyer, the director of South Carolina's teacher recruitment center in Rock Hill. "We've found they've learned they...
Special education program looks to attract students

...Advancement. About 1,000 special education teachers are employed in the state. The center's executive director, Dr. Gayle Sawyer, said the need for positions continues to grow as school enrollment increases and more students are identified with...
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