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Rebuts federal speed, price caps call 55 or slower can do it anyway? As for a $1,000 government rebate to Ms. Chambley or anyone to trade in their gas-hogs for more fuel efficient automobiles, why should they be given taxpayer money to do what may be in their best interest...
Opinion columns
These small tips can save gasoline

...United States would reduce its gasoline consumption by 15 percent or more -- a good step before the expense of junking our gas hogs. Another cost saving for owners of performance cars like mine is that one can switch from 92 octane, going to 89 or...
Americans are paying little attention to fuel efficiency

...counterparts were further down the list (24 mpg in city driving for the gas-chugging Beetle). As in past years, the biggest gas hogs are high-performance and luxury cars. The two-seater Ferrari 550 Maranello was the only car to get single-digit...
Good fortune often comes in small amounts

...difficult to drive and park, and its huge engine would burn too much gasoline. But when I was young, most cars were big gas hogs, so the Olds was no worse than anything else. And it was beautiful. In the last few years of their lives, Uncle Jesse...
Glynn Moore
Research firm says SUVs lose traction in the market

DETROIT - Sport utility vehicles, which have been berated in recent years as rollover-prone gas hogs, are losing appeal, a respected automotive research firm said recently. Demand for sport utility vehicles, such as the Ford...
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