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...causing his 9-month-old daughter to suffer burns and failing to get medical attention for her Aug. 2. Ex-gas station worker charged in card theft A former gas station employee has been arrested and charged with pocketing a customer's credit...
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Standoff continues over shipload of nuclear waste

...of livelihood for many of this village's 11,000 people. "We are so indebted to Japan Nuclear Fuel," said gas station worker Hidenori Matsuo, referring to the operator of the storage site. "If they do it safely, we should allow it...
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Businesses in bind over gas shortage

...harder to find, it's stopped bringing gas to stranded motorists, instead towing them to their residence or a gas station. Workers did 20 tows Thursday, said Joanne Scott, a secretary and dispatcher. The gas shortages are straining businesses...
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...supervision after her prison term, Ms. Brisbin said. Ms. Brisbin said the child is expected to make a full recovery. Gas station worker is accused of lotto fraud A 22-year-old worker at a North Augusta gas station has been accused of lottery fraud...