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Enchanting Nagano

...Asama volcano at Karuizawa killed 1,600 people when it blew its top in 1783. Since then it has only spewed steam and gas plumes from time to time. The volcano and surrounding park, called Onioshidashi, -- "what the devil spews" -- draws 1...
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Graniteville crash remembered

...of the night. One of the trains was carrying a load of chlorine, and the crash ruptured the tanker and sent a deadly gas plume drifting through the town. Graniteville still is reeling from the effects. Its primary industry, Avondale Mills, blamed...
A perilous way to study volcanoes

...threatening to send the men sliding back toward the steaming fumaroles. Today, technologies that allow scientists to analyze gas plumes from a safe distance are supplanting perilous field studies like Le Guern's. New instruments can sample and analyze...
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Gulf War Illness cause may have been found

...troops were not in the path of the sarin-cyclosarin gas plume and thus were not exposed; on the other hand, it has...result: About 2,000 more troops were exposed to the gas plume than previously believed. The new figures are derived...
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First try at Mir leak fails

...astronauts will use camera zoom lenses, binoculars, night-vision goggles and an image enhancer to try to spot any gas plumes. The thermal blankets covering the lab may prevent the gas from streaming out in an easy-to-follow line, Van Laak...
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