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New vehicle mileage hits record 24.1 mpgDETROIT - Gas mileage for new cars and trucks in the U.S. averaged a record 24.1 miles per gallon last year, but gains in fuel economy are slowing...

Alfa Romeo returns to U.S. streets

...in on the buying binge.Crossover SUVs are built largely on car underpinnings, so they maneuver like a car and get gas mileage that's almost as good. They appeal to a wide range of people from millennials to aging baby boomers looking to...

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...of that year were big and chrome-laden."They also came with big V-8 engines to pull all that weight around. Gas mileage was not an issue; gasoline prices were anywhere from 20 to 30 cents a gallon so no one cared these 'land yachts...

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...reliable and very expensive to repair; manual transmissions could more easily get out of mud and sand; manuals got better gas mileage; manuals could be easily push-started; and from personal experience manuals were faster when racing from stop light...

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...fuel economy. Back then, a gallon cost 25 cents in Chicago (my hometown) so no one was all that concerned about gas mileage, when even 100-octane cost 35 cents. Folks who wanted a performance car in 1964 had many style choices. Compacts...

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...transmission with an overdrive. It drove well and cruised very well with it in overdrive. Gas mileage was great, but we didn't care about gas mileage back then. I then traded it for a 1958 Dodge D-500. Oh, those great fins! Great car...

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...visiting numerous health care facilities. It gets good gas mileage."Tom Turner took us in another direction with...Good-looking car that's gotten rave reviews and gets good gas mileage. There is a practical side of me after all!"Jim Muraski...

Automakers get serious about lighter materials

...decades with lightweighting, as the practice is known, but the effort is gaining urgency with the adoption of tougher gas mileage standards. To meet the government's goal of nearly doubling average fuel economy to 45 mpg by 2025, cars need to...

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...were available for reasonable prices due to concern over gas mileage. The cars were generally reliable and simple to maintain...came with a 472 CI engine. I wonder what the average gas mileage was?"These cars were way out of my price range but...