The essentials: Increase gas mileage

...hurting at the pump. Here are tips to help you increase gas mileage, from www.fueleconomy.gov and consumer advocate...cheaper to replace it than keep it. Cars that have good gas mileage don't necessarily have to be expensive, either. A...

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On The Money: When new cars are unveiled, prices can fall on old models

...European sports car, and Chevrolet showed off a new Malibu midsize car that looks like a coupe, with more legroom better gas mileage and other features that one-up the current model. Analysts say it's too early to tell if prices will drop on the...

2015 Lexus RC coupe adds zip to staid Lexus line

...because premium gasoline is required, the V-6 model cost nearly $50, at today's prices, to fill up.In part, gas mileage is affected by the car's weight, which is a surprisingly heavy 3,748 pounds for a rear-drive, V-6 model and...

Tariffs, wages make Mexico an auto mecca

...cost savings also should allow automakers to add expensive fuel-saving features to meet stricter U.S. government gas mileage requirements without raising car prices. Two-thirds of cars made in Mexico are shipped to the U.S.While Mexico's...

Hyundai, Kia overstated gas mileage

...Protection Agency in an audit of gas mileage tests by the two South Korean automakers...numbers.The EPA found inflated gas mileage on 13 models from the 2011 through...advertising campaigns that touted gas mileage. Hyundai even poked fun at competitors...

Gas mileage hits 20-year low

...kill people," he said. Better gas mileage would reduce oil consumption...production vehicles with better gas mileage. Ford announced last summer that...their passenger vehicle fleets' gas mileage by 25 percent in five years, average...

Auto gas mileage can be increased report says

...exist to substantially improve the gas mileage of cars and light trucks over the...could begin phasing-in better gas mileage vehicles in 2004, although it...new technologies exist to improve gas mileage, manufacturers may try to meet...

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EPA and gas mileage

...efficient, and least efficient, in gas mileage. This year a hybrid vehicle which...doesn't mean they don't want better gas mileage. It's just that other factors...brains to work improving big cars' gas mileage. If they're built, the public...

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Senate vote coming up on gas mileage

...available technologies to improve gas mileage without reducing the size or performance...technologies available to achieve greater gas mileage are variable valve engines, five...only have to increase the average gas mileage to 32.4 mpg. The Senate is expected...

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Buick may soon get stylish large sedan

...rear-wheel-drive cars have been designed. It's likely to have a nine or 10-speed transmission to get better gas mileage.INSIDE: Four seats, cream-colored leather interior, big center stack with controls for the infotainment and climate...