As gas nudges up, I have ways to save you on summer driving

...published many years ago by the U.S. Department of Energy.One of its big points was that I could save 12 percent on my gas bill by keeping my car tuned, 15 percent by buying radial tires (years ago, remember?) and keeping them properly inflated...

Shopgirl: HomeSlice makes divvying up tasks easier

...a group message, your roommates can check off when they vacuumed the hall or see exactly when you're due to pay the gas bill. It makes delegation a lot more chill and keeps you from getting behind or frustrated. Get it free for iOS or Android...

Richmond, Aiken, Columbia county officials say falling gas prices welcomed

...manager Ron Crowden said."You definitely notice a change," he said last week after looking at Augusta's monthly gas bills. "If prices continue to fall or remain low, we are going to be way under budget."Crowden said his team budgeted...

Rants & Raves

...place? Remodel Cherry Tree Cros sing and turn it into a community where elderly people can live and stay. WHY ARE SO MANY county employees driving county vehicles home? Is this a perk of the job? Stop this practice and save on your gas bill.

After price spikes, gas could get cheaper in 2013

...Hamburger, health care and taxes are all set to take a bigger bite out of the family budget this year, but drivers' annual gas bills are expected to drop for the first time in four years.Forecasters say ample oil supplies and weak U.S. demand will...

Recession changes methods of Georiga State Patrol

...Patrol.Troopers are parking their cars and conducting more stationary roadblocks. The change trimmed the average car's gas bill to $410 per month in the fiscal year that ended in June.An estimated $2 billion shortfall in the budget for next year...

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Commissioners should fire themselves

...many studies were paid for and not used? Or wanting to subsidize the seniors golf outings? Or outrageous cell phone and gas bills? Or not doing anything for the past 10 years to bring Augusta the savings we were promised as a result of consolidation...

Economy hits seniors the hardest

...that she wouldn't be able to afford to heat her home."I don't know what I'd do, with rent, water, lights and gas bills. I am on a budget," Dixon said. "When you pay these bills, you hardly have anything left, if any. It depends on...

Work on getting finances in shape

...get a lower cable bill simply by asking. Also, a family member was able to lower the amount per therm on the natural gas bill by calling and asking.? Make a sacrifice. Select one area that you can cut back on for a while and use this money...

Georgia panel studies gas bill hike

ATLANTA - Utility regulators in Georgia could soon decide whether Atlanta Gas Light can charge its customers more money for natural gas service.

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