Clean garden tools work better

...wall, or, even better, hanging from the wall. Once you've cleaned and put your tools away, take a moment to step back and admire your work. A wall hung neatly with clean garden tools can be as pretty as the flower garden in summer.

Take time to choose garden tools

...your age and strength, and whether you want to get the job done in a hurry or prefer to take your time. Shopping for garden tools late in the season makes good sense. Anxious to move them off the shelves to make room for more seasonal items, stores...

Things to Do
Home-grown gifts

...find. Gardeners are easy to please. They will enjoy garden tools and supplies, plants and seeds, garden accents, garden...holiday season and planted in the ground in the spring. Garden tools are always a practical, popular choice, said Gary...

Now is the time to get lawns ready

...need. It's so easy to go astray in the garden centers."Now is also the time to check blades on mowers, clean garden tools and even give the garden shed a good once over, tossing old fertilizer and soils and organizing containers and tools...

Old household items have new uses in your garden

...It turned out awesome, and was very cost-effective," he says. Tools of the tradeAre you in need of some new garden tools? Save yourself a trip to the hardware store and check your kitchen drawers.Table utensils such as spoons, forks...

Giving garden tools may start a growing trend

The stock market is in the tank, layoffs are everywhere and Christmas is right around the corner. There's no question that this will be the leanest holiday season in recent memory.

Sid Mullis: Take time to prepare gardening equipment for winter hibernation

Many of the garden tools and power equipment that we use during the growing season sit idle during the winter.Take a little time and do some preventive...

Works for Olympics take archaeologists on a treasure hunt

...equipment builds athletic facilities for this summer's Olympics. A few paces away, another team - with only brushes and garden tools - carefully digs into the past. The Summer Games have been a boon for archaeologists, bringing the biggest single...

Holiday shopping done? It's seed catalog time

...More than 24.2 million American households will spend an estimated $128 each on mail order seeds, plants, bulbs, garden tools and garden supplies in 2006, the Mailorder Gardening Association says. That translates roughly into $3.1 billion...

How to sharpen tools for the garden

...is the best time for pruning many trees, shrubs, and vines. Here are some tips to get the most mileage from your garden tools: CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON Take apart tools like pruning shears, hedge shears, and loppers to make their blades more accessible...