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Report revives call to move residents

...Augusta commissioners Thursday. Gannett Fleming Inc., which conducted the soil...Housing and Urban Development. The Gannett Fleming report found that heavy metals...liability protection. Source: Gannett Fleming Inc.
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Hyde Park study shows need to relocate all or nothing," said Tom Clark, whose firm, Gannett Fleming Inc., studied soil and groundwater in the area refine the estimated remedial costs. Source: Gannett Fleming Inc. HYDE PARK BREAKDOWN 332: Parcels of property...
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Site gets OK for redevelopment for future redevelopment. "We didn't find anything alarming at all," said Tom Clark, an engineer with Gannett Fleming Inc., which conducted the study. Contractors hired by Georgia's Environmental Protection Division are in the...
Hyde Park water tested for toxins

...based on contaminants that had high readings in a previous assessment," said Tom Clark, the vice president of Gannett Fleming Inc., an engineering firm conducting the studies. The environmental assessment is funded with part of a $200...
Hyde Park moves pull purse strings

...redevelop the area or cleanup. Cleanup costs alone could range from $5 million to $20 million, according to Gannett Fleming Inc., which conducted the soil and groundwater tests last winter. "Where is the money going to come from?" asked...
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On the move

...Northwest Missouri State University. R. Tom Clark III recently was named a vice president for business development at Gannett Fleming's Augusta office. Mr. Clark also is the regional office manager for the international consulting, engineering...
Augusta might get $300,000 to aid cleanup

...exists in sufficient levels to warrant relocation of the area's 1,500 residents. Tom Clark, the vice president of Gannett Fleming Inc., an engineering firm conducting the studies, said final results from the tests are being compiled and will...
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Proposal refunds portion of taxes

...conclusions, the subcommittee scheduled a May 8 meeting with state and federal officials and representatives from Gannett-Fleming Inc., an environmental engineering firm that also did a study of Hyde Park. "We want to bring everybody involved...
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Officials to meet about Hyde Park

...with Hyde Park Pride, said he examined the September report prepared by the Brownfields Commission's consultant - Gannett Fleming - and found nothing alarming. "We have only been able to identify two of 34 sample locations in Hyde Park that a...
Updated Highland Avenue water plant celebrated

...Augusta Commissioner J.R. Hatney praised efforts by the city and its major contractors -- including Parsons, Gannett Fleming and CH2MHill -- to fulfill a goal to allocate at least 35 percent of the work to local and minority-owned companies...