GameCube offers smooth play, odd controller

...next wave of videogame consoles. The GameCube, also available in black, makes its...Nintendo's bid to stymie pirates. The GameCube, complete with a hard plastic handle...485 MHz IBM chip dubbed the "Gekko," GameCube creates beautiful graphics and effects...

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GameCube's new 'Evil' is very good

...from Capcom of the original PlayStation title for Nintendo's GameCube. If you played the original, you will certainly recognize...nice change from the usual offerings for the kiddie-oriented GameCube. The game carries an M rating for ages 17 and over, and it...

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Metal Gear redux improves on original

...has finally arrived for Nintendo's GameCube. "Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes...veterans won't find much new, but the GameCube edition does have better graphics and...renting this $40 game. But newcomers and GameCube owners will find a worthy addition to...

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Latest Star Wars game is the best

GameCube owners don't have a huge library of games to pick from, but what they...solid B. It's short, but Star Wars fans won't care. It shows off the GameCube's abilities nicely and is a solid addition to the Star Wars gaming legacy...

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Xbox makes its debut

...It's about $100 more than Nintendo's GameCube, which comes out Nov. 18. Microsoft...into the videogame console wars, while GameCube is No. 8 on Nintendo's family tree...a behemoth compared to the sprightly GameCube. It's about the size of a DVD player...

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A great year for gamers

...Nov. 18, Nintendo Co. unveiled the GameCube, which sticks to the basics but is more...Nintendo will present the back-to-basics GameCube ($199.95). Although the console...The objective in developing the GameCube was to stop players from drifting further...

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Video game 'F-Zero GX' is tough, but worth the effort

...Formula 1. One possible alternative is dazzlingly displayed in "F-Zero GX," from Amusement Vision and Nintendo for the GameCube. Rocket-powered cars, lifted from the track by antigravity, speeding at hundreds of miles an hour along tracks that soar...

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Great football on the shelves for all systems

...bones and concussions real players have to be contend with. "Madden 2002" from EA Sports, which I played on Nintendo's GameCube, is the latest version of football's gold standard. The game gives you all the current teams and rosters, including the...

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Westobou Review: Beethoven Befriends Mario

I never got into video games. I never asked for an Xbox or Gamecube for Christmas. I never waited in line at midnight for Halo 3. In fact, I just thought video games were another way to waste...

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