8 Acre Pond w/ 5.2 acres frontage, nice trees around house site, g...

8 Acre Pond w/ 5.2 acres frontage, nice trees around house site, good fishing $55,000 Call 706-831-6164 or 803-270-3702

Living in the past

...yet there are seven or eight that are apparently worthy of being in the Cool Countries Club (also known as the G-7 or G-8).We've got a lot of work to do on this planet. It's time our governments got off our backs and followed our lead...

Savannah's G-8 bust

...relatively remote Sea Island where the G-8 summit was held this week, nearby Savannah was bracing for the worst. The last G-8 summit three years ago in Genoa resulted...million to $40 million windfall from the G-8? Yes it did, then it promptly contributed...

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks

...Russian President Vladimir Putin and other G-8 leaders attempted to speak with one voice...claimed an estimated 93,000 lives.G-8 leaders also published sweeping goals...option being kept open by the three G-8 members.Russia refused to back any...

EU, US begin free trade talks at G-8 summit

...the plans Monday at the start of the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland."America...could prove one of the most peaceful in G-8 history, as the selection of the remote...potential invasion of thousands of anti-G-8 campers contained barely a dozen tents...

Wednesday's high school results

...Guitton (arc) def. Richard Scala (g), 8-2; Jacob Totaro (g) def. Grey...Price (arc) def. Rachel Kmiecik (g), 8-1; Josie Guitton (arc) def. India Persuad (g), 8-0. Doubles: Alyssa Krouse-Caroline...

Putin recalls Boston bombers, says world's intel agencies to ensure safe Olympics

...in Sochi, Putin said while visiting Olympic sites Wednesday."In the U.S., people died at a marathon, during the G-8 there were terrorist acts in the London subway," he said, according to Russian news agencies.Putin rose to power and...

Tuesday's high school results

...Jacob Watts (W) def. Rishab Chawla (G), 8-0; Sefay Edwards (W) def. Justin Smith (G), 8-2; Jonathan Francisco (G) def...def. Skyler Slay/ Robin White (G), 8-3; Megan Dixon/Allie Overstreet...

Denver's 1997 G-8 conference holds lessons for Georgia

...profits next summer when the international G-8 Summit comes to Sea Island, an event...didn't get a lot of business from (the G-8), but it was very special," said...a Super Bowl or Olympics visit, the G-8 offers little for average citizens to...

G-8 watchdogs prepare

...less than a month remaining until the G-8 Summit convenes on Sea Island, Atlanta...months training their officers for the G-8, preparing for the most unlikely scenarios...protesters of various backgrounds. The G-8 Summit, now in its 30th year, is no...