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Senate panel OKs incentives for development of fuel cells

...South Carolina as a major player in the hydrogen fuel cell technology industry moved forward Tuesday when the state Senate...mid-2012, to support the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Senators amended the bill, though, to give the...
GM refines fuel cell technology

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - By 2010, consumers may be able to buy vehicles powered by electricity from hydrogen fuel cells that would be twice as efficient as today's cars and trucks with far less pollutants, the head of General Motors Corp.'s research division said.
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Experts say wide use of fuel cell technology is decades away

...Powermate generators produce up to 1,000 watts of electricity. Because water is the only waste product of this fuel cell technology, it has tremendous appeal to promoters of clean energy. A small number of companies are banking on hydrogen as...
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Europe offers it all, from hybrid to luxury

...electric car, the F-Cell, powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, which will be available for lease in California...five-door, five-passenger electric car powered by fuel cell technology will be available for lease in California. It has...
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Practical electric car gets closer

...being driven. It's called "fuel cell" technology. A fuel cell is a device...low-tech lead-acid batteries. Fuel-cell technology was developed for use in spacecraft...release. "The true promise of fuel-cell technology will only be realized through...
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Competition drive fuel-cell work

...automakers won't be sharing fuel cell technology, they will be helping one...automakers are rushing to work on fuel cell technology. Honda showed the FCX-V3...General Motors to exchange fuel cell technology. Toyota is putting 2003 as...
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Historic fuel cell pact

...the state the nation's leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technology. USC President John Palms and Dr. Susan Wood...the Central Savannah River Area. With hydrogen fuel cell technology gaining Washington's support, the WSRC-USC...
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DaimlerChrysler decides methanol better prospect for fuel cell vehicle

...can commercialize gasoline fuel-cell technology by 2004. Maybe 2010, but...Borroni-Bird estimates fuel-cell technology could produce a vehicle all of these aspects of fuel-cell technology."
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Use our labs to the fullest

...duplication of research and development is minimized ? a true win-win!Imagine a breakthrough in battery or fuel cell technology at SRNL. The technology could power electric cars, including Club Car and E-Z-Go locally; store energy for...
Auto show notebook

...increased performance and fuel efficiency in 2005 that will be capable of starting in below-freezing temperatures. Fuel cell technology creates electric power from hydrogen and is viewed by the industry and environmentalists as a possible alternative...