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Urges expansion of gun ownership

More and more buildings have signs on them forbidding concealed firearms. If every workplace is a gun-free zone, it will be a safer place, right? A would-be killer knows the people inside are not armed. If there is an armed guard, all...
Iraq, North Korea urged to comply with nuclear weapons inspectors

...neighbors of blocking efforts to create a nuclear weapon-free zone in the region. At the International Atomic Energy Agency's...representative Giora Amir conceded "a nuclear weapons free zone could serve to complement peace, security and weapons...
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Gun stance is full of holes

...2000 research paper, every mass shooting in the United States since 1950, with the exception of one, was in a gun-free zone. Gun-free zones are safe havens for criminals.The writer asserts that militias have not existed for centuries. He...
Furniture Row Racing never had a chance of keeping Kurt Busch

...his company and while he'd like to have sponsors, he can operate without them.Furniture Row offered Busch a drama-free zone where he could be Kurt Busch, warts and all, and they accepted him for who he was. Because Busch wants to win races...
Fight leads to gunfire at Texas community college

...bill that would allow them.Richard Carpenter, chancellor of the Lone Star College System, said the campus is a gun-free zone that "has been safe for 40 years.""We think it's still safe," he added. He also described the maintenance man...
Before a time-out from politics, read this

...favorably resolved, you can turn off MSNBC, Fox News and CNN until New Year's Day.Make the rest of 2012 a politics-free zone. You deserve it.(The writer is a retired U.S. Navy officer. He lives and writes in Savannah.)
EU expands passport-free zone

BRUSSELS, Belgium --- Border controls along the old Iron Curtain from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic ceased to exist today as most of the European Union's former communist new members joined the bloc's passport-free travel zone.
Establishing a reality-free zone

...Francisco. It can only serve to disarm those who follow the law - and they aren't the problem in the first place. In attempting to disarm its law-abiding populace, San Francisco is succeeding only in establishing a reality-free zone.
Prayer rally has elections in mind

...Augusta's second citywide prayer rally this week, but not for stumping. The nonpartisan rally will be a campaign-free zone, a place where people can pray for the candidates and for the election, said Lynda Bannecke, a member of Whole Life...
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Celebrate treats without frights

...churches this year. Several will offer up their parking lots for Trunk or Treat, creating a safe, scary-costume-free zone for trick-or-treating. Some host special harvest revivals and services, while others go all out with fall festivals...
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