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Nearly 10 million enrolled in Affordable Care Act

...remains about 1 million uninsured people in this state to connect with."Officials credit a more robust and glitch-free Web site and a more stream-lined application process, 16 screens versus 76 screens, for greatly reduced application times...
Savannah River monitoring data to be offered online

...eight new monitors that use solar-powered cellular modems to transmit data sets every 15 minutes."It's basically a free, Web-enabled opportunity," Flite said. The information is useful for industries, scientists, triathletes, students...
Ga. teams up with Google to provide free websites, resources to small businesses across state

...that Georgia has formed a partnership with Google to bring free Web sites to small businesses across the state.Deal said...easy-to-build sites, a customized domain name and free Web hosting for one year for small businesses. Google's...
Google announces free Web browser

SAN FRANCISCO --- Google is releasing its own Web browser in a long-anticipated move aimed at countering the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and ensuring easy access to its Internet-leading search engine.
Entrepreneurs profit from free Web names

NEW YORK - It's not often you can compare Internet addresses with clothing, but a growing practice comes close, contributing to a global shortage in good names.
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Site allows users to send audio messages to friends

...too loudly into your computer microphone (using the site requires one), YackPack will tell you. The site runs as a free Web application, supported by advertising, so there's no software to download. You can get e-mailed when there's...
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Microsoft to stop developing media software for Macs

...said the deal was partly to show customers that it has a long-term commitment to the Mac market. However, unlike the free Web browser and media player, Microsoft's Office software for Mac sells for between $149 and $499. An Apple spokesman...
Microsoft Office has some competition

...old e-mails. I also used several free, Web-based e-mail accounts for some...Microsoft Office software. Some free, Web-based alternatives to Writely: The free, Web-based word processing product promotes...
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At age 30, Microsoft grapples with growing up

...the technology that formed the basis for Google's explosive success. And while Microsoft was a pioneer in offering free, Web-based e-mail with Hotmail, Google and Yahoo have been quicker to improve their products recently. The company continues...
Critics and supporters debate success of PublishAmerica

...through PublishAmerica largely because he doesn't have to pay. Clopper said that PublishAmerica gives each author a free Web site and sends informational flyers to media and personal contacts provided by authors. He said that writers are encouraged...