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Nearly 10 million enrolled in Affordable Care Act

...remains about 1 million uninsured people in this state to connect with."Officials credit a more robust and glitch-free Web site and a more stream-lined application process, 16 screens versus 76 screens, for greatly reduced application times...
Ga. teams up with Google to provide free websites, resources to small businesses across state

ATLANTA - Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday that Georgia has formed a partnership with Google to bring free Web sites to small businesses across the state.Deal said the initiative is aimed at helping small businesses grow and find new customers...
Critics and supporters debate success of PublishAmerica

...through PublishAmerica largely because he doesn't have to pay. Clopper said that PublishAmerica gives each author a free Web site and sends informational flyers to media and personal contacts provided by authors. He said that writers are encouraged...
Tech notebook

...WEEKLY WEB WONDER: The practice of swooping in at the last second on an online auction is called "sniping." Now a free Web site will "snipe" for you. Check it out at
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Web site focuses on Legislature person, contractor and anyone with an interest in tracking a bill beyond the information on the state's free Web site can use a special feature known as "Lobbyist-in-a-Box." The fee for the service, which requires a password...
Pocket change extended access to some Sprint mobile phones. Another big leap came when Microsoft Corp. unveiled a revamped free Web site for its Encarta encyclopedia ( For now, though, it appears anyone with an Internet connection...
Morris, PGA Tour in suit over scores

...District Court in Jacksonville late Wednesday. The suit argues the Tour has monopolized real-time scores on its free Web site by prohibiting Morris from selling the scores to other media. "We maintain that once this information has been announced...
Trip planning easier with map software

...ditching maps, atlases and guidebooks in favor of software that does most of the work for them. The Internet has free Web sites that can quickly pinpoint an address or get you fast directions from here to there. MapQuest (
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Some users have nowhere to store web pages

...their sites, and ban pornography. In other words, by agreeing to put up with some nominal annoyances, you get a free Web site. Cool, huh? You'll get a good list of free sites at Web Time Tools at
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Darth Vader's brother, Chad, is comedic force online

...Star Wars copyrights. But he said they believe they'll stay out of legal trouble as long as they keep the series on free Web sites. "We'd like to hang onto our grass-roots audience, keep their attention and then when we make our move to this...
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