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Cheaper, free Internet access may change the game and the risk that the service might suddenly vanish along with your e-mail address. A browser search for "free Internet access" will produce a discouraging list of bum steers, "earn-at-home" schemes and "bait-and-switch" offers...
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...self-service unleaded gas from a month ago. Firm offers free Internet access DULLES, Va. -- AOL Europe, a joint venture between...Online Inc. and Bertelsmann, began offering a free Internet access service in the United Kingdom on Tuesday. Customers...
Web site promotes access for Hispanics

...out more than 2 million computer disks offering free Internet access customized for bilingual use. "Hispanics are barely...for some families who have some computers, having free Internet access in both English and Spanish might be a big aspect...
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Downtown Aiken to offer free Wi-Fi access in July

A $4.5 million initiative by Atlantic Broadband soon will bring free Internet access to downtown Aiken.The initiative, known as "FastForward Aiken," is expected to provide free Wi-Fi to an area bounded by...
Augusta geeks have their own

...March, The funded and installed a Wi-Fi hotspot in the Harrisburg neighborhood to give residents free Internet access.Parker said the dream is for The to one day have a bigger workspace, where members can build anything...
Free internet access offered by Alta Vista

Joining a crowded market of companies offering ``free'' computer products or services, Internet search engine AltaVista on Thursday became the largest U.S. company yet to offer Net access to consumers willing to look at targeted ads.
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...and spas to tango lessons and gyms. The Home Deluxe Hostel in Valencia, Spain, has a balcony on every room, free Internet access and free breakfast, from $28 a person a night for double or twin private rooms. The Base Backpackers in Auckland...
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Free products online

...handling not included). Oh yeah, you could be using free Internet access, or even a free personal computer. To be sure...Conversely, Dell Computer Corp. is offering a year of free Internet access to people who buy its $959 desktop computer (not...
Google morphing into multifaceted juggernaut

...stranglehold on the personal computer? Is the company preparing to build a wireless network that would provide free Internet access nationwide? Will Google dip into its huge hoard of cash to pull off a blockbuster deal? There's a consensus...
Across the southeast

...snags ST. CLOUD, FLA. - Joe Lusardi's friends in New York couldn't believe it when he told them he'd have free Internet access through St. Cloud's Wi-Fi network. It's free all right, but residents are, to some extent, getting what...