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Planes: Fire & Rescue

Now Playing Synopsis: Adventure flies higher than ever before in this sequel that finds championship air-racer Dusty Crophopper (voice of Dane Cook) beginning an exciting new career fighting forest fires. In the wake of another successful racing season, Dusty returns home to Propwash Junction to resume his training. But a debilitating injury forces Rusty to consider a new career path. Before long Rusty is training with the Aerial Fire Fighters at Piston Peak Air Attack Base. Becoming a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) is no simple task for an injured plane, but with the guidance of seasoned fire-and-rescue helicopter Blade Ranger (voice of Ed Harris), fearless leader of the Piston Peak Air Attack team, Rusty is soon soaring through the clouds once again. Meanwhile, as Rusty gets up to speed, his presence in the unit catches the attention of Dipper (voice of Julie Bowen), a cargo hauler-turned-water scooper capable of skimming lake water to combat raging fires. A major racing fan, Dipper can hardly contain her excitement at the prospect of working alongside Rusty, and meanwhile wise, heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter (voice of Wes Studi) has never encountered a fire he couldn't conquer. In no time Rusty has made a whole host of new friends at Piston Peak, including hulking transport plane Cabbie (voice of Dale Dye), the brave grounded firefighters known as the Smokejumpers, the Secretary of the Interior (voice of Fred Willard), and Nick "Loop'n" Lopez (voice of Erik Estrada), a helicopter cop with an illustrious past. And though learning the secrets to dousing forest fires is sure to take time, Rusty is a fast learner, and eager to pitch in. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Cast: Dane Cook, Julie Bowen, Ed Harris, Curtis Armstrong, John Michael Higgins, Hal Holbrook Movie Details Play Trailer Buy Tickets Movie Review

Photography book offers snapshot of acting

...and screen are shown in close-ups instantly morphing into various roles. Feigning the prison guard, the deadpan Fred Willard ("Best in Show," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy") rubs his temple and stares with tired menace. In...
Ex-'Raymond' alumni try new shows

...for CBS about a brother and sister running a family-owned toy company. The cast includes Sara Rue, Timm Sharp, Fred Willard, Swoosie Kurtz and Tom McGowan. All the pilots are under consideration for the 2006-07 season. "Everybody Loves...
Ratzenberger back for more animated fun each of the studio's seven feature films. Like Jay and Silent Bob in a Kevin Smith feature or Eugene Levy and Fred Willard in Christopher Guest's movies, Ratzenberger has become Pixar's company player. He's never the lead, but pops...
In the know

...BIRTHDAYS TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Actor Jack Warden is 83. Singer Jimmie Rodgers is 70. Actor Robert Blake is 70. Actor Fred Willard is 64. Singer-actor Frankie Avalon is 63. Guitarist Kerry Livgen of Kansas is 54. Actor James Gandolfini (The...
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New 'brain training' games are entertaining if not challenging

...alphabetical order. The tests in Hot Brain are surrounded by a desultory story involving a wacky scientist (voiced by Fred Willard). These sequences look nice, but since they have nothing to do with the game you'll want to skip them after the...
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More than 40 years later, Barbara Feldon is still Agent 99

...Hackett, Bob Hope, Martin Landau, Leonard Nimoy, Regis Philbin, Vincent Price, Don Rickles, Cesar Romero and Fred Willard. - Get Smart was nominated for 14 Emmy awards and won eight, including four for Don Adams. - CONTROL and KAOS are...
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'Monster House' has good story to go with scares

...that his neighbor is even more sinister than he appears. No one will listen to him, of course - not his parents (Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara), the bumbling police (Kevin James and Nick Cannon) or the rocker-chick baby sitter (Maggie...
Utah could be a wholesome Hollywood

...about how viciously competitive Mormon church basketball leagues can be. It has a more recognizable cast, including Fred Willard and Gary Coleman, and the religious denomination of the church players is obscured. Halestorm deserves a lot of credit...
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It's goodbye after 9 season of loving 'Raymond'

...real-life wife, joined the cast as Robert's future wife, even her family became grist for the mill. Georgia Engel and Fred Willard played her parents. Writing what you know was the show's mantra. "It's the happy, or unhappy, marriage of our...