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The principal matters: A school's success lies with its top leader

The principal must receive specialized, expert-level training before assuming this magnificent leadership task.
Pursuit of a career in education should be viewed as a smart investment

The return on that investment should have an immediate impact on the community
No excuse for cheating

...among the educators in Atlanta Public Schools to adversely affect the relationship with your children's teachers.Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.Beech Island, S.C. (The writer is a former superintendent of schools for the Richmond County Board...
Homework, guidance are key to student achievement

To have the schools we all desire in our various communities requires a collective effort.
Bill marks another huge win for schoolchildren in South Carolina

Our schools, pre-kindergarten through college, must be in lockstep and must not skip a beat in preparing our students for world-class job opportunities.
Different directions

Frank G. Roberson was the right man for the job when he was hired to oversee the Richmond County School System in 2010.At the end of this school...
Augusta-area residents remember JFK assassination

...seemed. My mother paced the floor, singing and praying; praying and singing (drinking tears for water). ? Dr. Frank G. Roberson, Richmond County schools superintendent I was on my lunch hour from Cullum's (Department Store) and noticed a group...
Give pupils full schedule

...governor and state legislative officials and demand a full schedule of school days for the students of Georgia.Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.Augusta (The writer is superintendent of the Richmond County School System.)
Appreciate our teachers!

...them for their daily inspired sacrifices on behalf of the students of the CSRA.Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.Augusta (The writer is Richmond County's superintendent of schools.)
How do you cultivate good, 'un-rotten' apples in the teaching profession?

Too much blame is placed on the teacher for the poor ratings in educational advancement, as compared to other industrialized nations.