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Spanish food, its chefs are in spotlight at last

...category in liquor stores in America. Now every one does." Spain only recently found its culinary voice. During Francisco Franco's rule, the food was rustic and simple because of poverty and poor quality of ingredients, said Anya von Bremzen...
Book chronicles Mussolini's finale of the worst leaders Italy had ever had. His misadventures in Africa and the invasion of Ethiopia, his aid to Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War, and the occupation of Albania were among the nails he had hammered into his coffin...
Basque region offers museums, history, beaches - and pintxos a "sister city" to Pittsburgh. We drove to the town of Guernica, the village that the late Fascist dictator Francisco Franco allowed the Nazis to use for bombing practice by Hitler's Condor Legion in 1937. Pablo Picasso's world-famous...
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Carlos Ruiz Zafon talks about writing, life and the ghosts of Barcelona

...he says. "The Shadow of the Wind" is set in central Barcelona during the harsh postwar years when dictator Francisco Franco ran the country in a ruthless way. The story peers past the backdrop of a suffering city and often cruel government...
Recordings that capture lives of Basque settlers being made available on Internet

...the Spanish Civil War's 1937 bombing of Guernica, their spiritual capital. German bombers flying on behalf of Francisco Franco dropped 130,000 pounds of explosives and reduced the village to rubble. Within five years, Totoricaguena said...
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A look at the 20th Century: 1939

...In Western Europe, the Spanish Civil War ended after the United States, Britain and France recognized Gen. Francisco Franco's government. Spain, however, remained neutral in World War II. Although the war had just begun and the United...
Samaranch: Drugs stain China's Olympic hopes

...the world's top snowboarder, comparing the IOC to organized crime. "We're used to it," said Samaranch, still shadowed by revelations in a 1992 book that he was a local official in the regime of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
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Storyline in 'Pan's Labyrinth' takes its time unfolding in fantastical tale

...ability to allow the disparate storylines to play off each other, to let actions and characters found both in leader Francisco Franco's Spain and the fantasy realm serve as metaphorical information for the other, Pan's Labyrinth understands that...
Microsoft's new college dictionary missing a few facts

...Nixon's vice president, is simply a "politician." -Paraguay's Alfredo Stroessner is a "dictator." Spain's Francisco Franco is an "authoritarian leader." Saddam Hussein and Augusto Pinochet are "national" leaders. Idi Amin is a "head...
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1937: A look at the 20th Century

...1943 if the Nazi party was to remain a vital political force, Hitler wrote. In Spain, Socialists led by Gen. Francisco Franco were waging the Spanish Civil War, with military aid from Hitler and Mussolini. During January 1937, three columns...