...mortgage instrument. To the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the parties in possession of the property are Francis Collins or a tenant or tenants and said property is more commonly known as 4157 Elders Dr, Augusta, GA 30909. The sale...

Prescription drug summit in Atlanta

...Plaza Hotel in downtown Atlanta will include CDC Director Tom Freiden, National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins and many others. The summit's agenda includes a panel discussion on the federal response to prescription drug abuse...

Help battle Alzheimer's

...forward was made possible using $40 million in research funds, heroically redirected by the head of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, during the dark days of sequestration. We are on the cusp of making significant strides toward conquering this...

A restored NIH budget is good for our health

...a new therapeutic target for aggressive breast cancer.What too little funding can do, according to NIH Director Francis Collins, is delay serious pursuit of an Ebola vaccine and so much more. It is eating away at our nation's leadership in...

The infection has spread

...Project group a "four-Pinocchio" rating, symbolizing a "whopper" of a lie.Obama's head NIH appointee, Dr. Francis Collins, has said he would have cured Ebola by now had he been given a bigger pot of money. Truly laughable, considering...

Scientist disputes company's DNA decoding claim

...to map the human genetic code has disputed a private company's claim to have already reached that target. Dr. Francis Collins of the publicly funded Human Genome Project claims Celera Genomics, which last week announced it had finished the...

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One-third of human gene map completed

...and are on schedule to complete and verify the entire biological blueprint by 2003, officials said Tuesday. Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Human Genome Research Institute, said that 1 billion of the 3 billion chemical base pairs...

XXX Technology
Scientists lower number of human genes

...reduced from just three years ago. "We (humans) don't look very impressive in the competition," said Dr. Francis Collins, co-author of the new analysis by the international group that decoded the human genome. The new estimate is 20...

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NIH to create map of cancer's genetic makeup

...and behind the front lines and enumerate the complete list of genomic insurgents that lead to cancer," said Dr. Francis Collins, the National Institutes of Health's genetics chief, in announcing the project's first phase Tuesday. The project...

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Panel sees little merit in Maher film

...and the usefulness of belief. No religion is spared. Mr. Maher interviews believers and nonbelievers: scientist Francis Collins, an evangelical Christian; Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, which funds the Creation Museum; a man...

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