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Willis is a star among not-so-new offerings

The worst part about reviewing video games is that there are so many of them. It's impossible to keep up. The holidays are the worst, as all the publicists in America -- or so it seems -- clamor to get their games reviewed before Christmas. Of course, that's also when store shelves are flooded with new titles for every platform. It can literally take months to play through the stack in my office, which is fine because the flow of new titles slows to a trickle in January, February and March before ramping back up in anticipation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in the spring.
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Money meant for us is going abroad

Come November, I suggest we start cleaning out the politicians who stood by and watched our demise.
Book offers cautionary warning against all millennium hysteria

The end is nearer. Whether the world ends in computer chaos in 2000 or burns up as the sun expires millions of years in the future, the time on Earth's parking meter will eventually expire. As the millennium nears, some might begin to think, "This is it!" They might think God is fond of round numbers and wants to end creation when the odometer turns 2000. What will we say to them? An answer might be found in history, thinks Lewis Lapham, editor of The End of the World (St. Martin's, $24.95).
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